This wasn't a date, it was a PR thing.
Saturday, 07/25/09 - 11:38 pm.

I'm worried sick about my cat. She hasn't eaten or drunk anything since yesterday and she can't walk. She's EXACTLY like Frog was a year ago, and she ended up dying of kidney failure. I took her to the vet and she scolded me for not keeping up with her vaccines (lady, these cats can't be caught when they realize your intentions!) and just prescribed some exams. I have the results but they're just numbers. Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough.

Please, let Nena live. I don't want her to suffer, but I don't want her to die either. Frog died on august 6th, almost a year ago. Please, let her be ok.


I've been looking at pictures of the class reunion from last night. Given I was going out with Al (read below), I literally just dropped off Victoria to the place. I left as Vic, Pablo and others were arriving. Vic was there just for me, crap. Daaaamn, did a lot of people from elementary, middle and high school show up to this one. Every reunion is more successful than the previous one (this is our third). I wish I'd been there.


On the other hand, I do not regret leaving my old friends for Al. However, I must note that the evening did not go as I expected. Figures. My mantra is "now that you thought about it, it's not going to happen". It was pretty awesome, but this wasn't a date, it was mostly a PR thing.

I was just arriving to the bar chosen for the class reunion when Al calls me saying we should meet up earlier because the place where the band was playing would be packed, that he's coming for me and what should we do with my car. Oh, and his brother and cousin are coming along. That burst my bubble, but after the call, Victoria and Rod (who was there by then, as you can see) told me it was necessary to socialize with his inner circle. Basically, it was good for my public relations.

We ended up arriving to the place on separate cars. Because it sounded like they were going to party until 2 or 3, and you dad. I have yet to come at 2 am. So I parked my car, walked with a bunch of "ladies" who got whistled at and met with Al at the door. He paid for me, aaaww.

Inside I met his cousin, and met his little brother again. I'd seen him at his house once. I ordered a drink and I forgot my change, and he got it for me. We exchanged a few words during the night, he's 21 and he's a photocopy of Al's older brother. The one who sings in the band.

You know, in my times of attending those concerts, I'd seen Al and the singer get along. Al even hopped on stage once to play with the band. I heard the singer's last name was that of Al's and I automatically thought that they were cousins. When I heard the singer's name, I should've remembered that Al once explained to me the sign outside his house; it's a wordplay of the names of his dad and brother and whatever. Those names being the same as the singer's. And let's not forget how physically alike they are. I'm just slow, man.

But anyway. For a while it was the four of us. When the concert began, we drifted apart, moving around the venue and sometimes touching base with each other. It was so cute when Al's little brother showed up next to me and offered me a sip from his bottle of water. And at the end of the concert, when Al's cousin (from Canada) and I talked for a while.

Of course, the best was talking to Al after the first set. Just...stuff. And when he walked me to my car at the end of the concert. I left with them, so for that matter, they could have given me a ride, anyway. He said he was interested in us getting together for his music project and playing Starfox. Especially for the former. But he never set a date. He said soon. I knew it wouldn't be this weekend, because his cousin told me they were going to the beach.

Well, about this music project, I'm reluctant because he's thinking of me as a singer, and my voice is not something to be proud of. I mean, I don't sound like a monster or anything, but certainly it's a not a voice to sing with. For starters, I have never sung in public (just in front of my nephews and niece), I'm too shy. So I'm scared that I won't bring myself to hit a note and if I do, I'll dissapoint him.

I've been thinking about him and last night the whole day. My concern is not that I *think* about's that I'm also starting to have feelings for him. I know he's not romantically attracted to me, so I'm just quite content that I've been considered "hanging out" material by him.

For a while, the night was sucking, because I was alone. I wanted to get back to my class reunion. But then Al was standing behind me and I don't was all worth it. And when we'd lean into each other's ear to talk because the music was loud. Ok, that made my night, I suppose.

Also, it was cool not having CR around for a change.

So, my day today: both patients cancelled, which was Heaven sent, given Nena's state. I blew my morning and $100 on finding out what she has (I just spoke to another vet, for a second opinion; it's not her kidneys, judging by the lab results; there's more hope than I thought). In the afternoon, I went out with my friend Monica and her baby Val. She's so overwhelmed by this law student/wife/mother lifestyle, she needs to have fun so badly. I want to be there for her. It's so different going out with a friend AND with her baby.

So, it's time to go tag the pictures of last night's reunions. This is what I love about my class, we have our own language and private jokes. I've been laughing hysterically with Art, we're both coming up with tags.

Hey, you wanna hear something crazy? I have a feeling Al and know. It's just a feeling. Just a fantasy, really. But it feels so natural that I'll play along with it. Anyway, it's just my head. Until reality hits me again.

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