My cat getting better, and *cough*crush talk.
Sunday, 07/26/09 - 10:29 pm.

Today I had breakfast with my family (always puts a smile in my face) and then I took Nena to the vet. An incredibly nice vet student took the case this time. I remember him: he carried Frog's body in a bag and handed her to me, saying he was very sorry for my loss. He looks a lot like Al's older brother. But I digress. Nena is at risk of death, but it's treatable. Today she has no fever and she's been walking around. God, what a relief was to see her drinking water after two days of nothing entering her system.

She's also taught me what a strain sickness is on one's finances. $150 on two days. I can only imagine how hard it must be to look after your own children. I don't see my pets as children, but they're still family members. They're worth whatever it takes to keep them safe. I spent that sum or more on Frog's last days, but it was worth it, if anything, to say we did everything we could.

Speaking of cats, I think Joseph's cat, Waffles, died. Today I stopped by his FB profile, because it's my only way to know if he's alive (a very limited parameter, I'm aware, because he may not use it and still be alive). I saw he had commented on his own photo, and the photo was one I took of her. He had written, "bye, Waffles, rest"...I'm not gonna go check, but that's the idea. July 17th. I know by CR that he wanted to get rid of her, because his wife hated her. Whatever it is, I hope she didn't suffer.

I also saw a guy had left him a message, saying next time he announced he was having little Josephs, he should do it in another fashion. That left me wondering, and feeling a little stressed, but I said, "why wouldn't they? Married people tend to have kids". And then I didn't feel as bad for myself as I felt fearful for the child/children Mr and Mrs Smith may eventually bring to this world.

Right now I'm talking to Cel. Oh, God, I love her. I can be so open to her, we're talking about my crush on Al...I told her that I'm quite content just being his friend, despite his lack of romantic interest in me. You always say that when actually the guy is dying for you. I replied he's just coming out of a 9 year-long relationship. Well, you are a very patient woman. Give him two months. Ok...haha. However, I think everything is against me on this one. That doesn't mean, though, that I'll let the opportunities of hanging out with him pass.

And anyway, I still can dream, right? And daydreaming gets me through my workday, so it's all good. I hope this week goes by quickly, because next one is vacation.

This afternoon was spent with myself. Aside from my hours of sleep, I don't think I'm home for more than a couple of hours in a row every day. I cleaned up my bedroom, checked my finances, finished Starfox 64, played guitar. Took a nap. So awesome.

Aw, look, Nena is here. She just jumped on my bed. I was so glad when I found her stretching next to me when I woke up this morning. I hope she makes it through.

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