A day at the park and the possibilities of tomorrow.
Saturday, 08/01/09 - 10:14 pm.

What an awesome day it was today. It shall be registered here, for memory's sake.

10:00 am: my first patient comes in. It's our 5th session and he's already saying he's been thinking differently. I was worried because the first sessions are mostly inquiries on my part, to get to know my persons (as it turns out, I do not read minds), and that may give the wrong impression that we're there just to chat. In reality, it's a way to establish rapport, obtain information, etc. But anyway, it was rewarding. I like this case. AND I get paid.

11:30 am my second patient arrived almost an hour later, because he ran into a parade. I still tried to squeeze in as much as possible in the session; I was going to cancel because I had lunch with Victor and Victoria, but we're finally getting somewhere with this man. And he's very committed. I was off the case until 1:00 pm.

1:00 pm pizza with Victor and Victoria, celebrating Victor's birthday (july 27th). The pizza place is down the street from my clinic, it took me five seconds to go from one to the other. So much fun, these kids are a riot.

3:00 pm I went to Mo's house, to take her and baby Val to the park. My friend Dany, whom I haven't seen in seven years (!!!) was invited to join us, and there he was, too. Overweight and with a deeper voice than I remembered. At the park, we spread blankets on the grass. Dany took pictures with his professional camera. Then baby Val fell asleep and the three of us got on the swings and chatted the afternoon away, remembering the good ol' days. It was a wonderful moment.

We saw gray clouds approaching so we decide to leave. Dany discovers he left his car keys inside his car. He calls his aunt and his dad. He's told it'll be 45 minutes to an hour before they show up, so we drive to a gas station to have some coffee while we wait. Right there I discover I am not carrying my driver's license, and I panic a little because Dany seems to be a bad luck magnet, haha. "Some things never change", he said. And all went well in the end. His dad showed up, I took Mo and her baby home safely and I arrived to my house before the storm. At 6 pm.

I'm tired, of course. But happy. I had a lot of fun today.

Now...tomorrow I get to see Al...err, Evil Lighthouse. Sunday seemed so far away on wednesday, when he called me. Last night I had such an awesome dream about him; we were both at this resort I visited at the beggining of July with my coworkers. We found each other and a lot of cuddling happened. The dream seemed to last four hours, I lived an entire afternoon. I woke up well rested and happy. I think this is the second time I dream of him in romantic terms and wake up feeling not tired (I seem to wake up very tired on saturday).

Now...I'm not proclaiming victory until I'm ringing his doorbell tomorrow. And I am aware that he may not even call (when he calls, I can go to his house). I am aware that, even if he calls, he only sees me as a friend and his brother/cousin/whoever else is around will be present at all times. I am aware that I'm setting myself up for dissapointment here.

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