An awesome night out and about with the boys.
Sunday, 08/16/09 - 4:05 pm.

Yesterday was a very long, awesome day. Here's the abstract, for those who'd rather skip the details: I saw a dead man (not cool at all), had lunch with my friend Dany, had coffee with two new found friends and went out with Lighthouse and CR, to a concert under the starts, to a bar filled with old people dancing to the BeeGees, and to an undisclosed location for them to smoke a joint.

Now, the details, to honor such a wonderful saturday:

My saturday mornings are spent at the clinic. My paying patient didn't show up, and by the reply I got to my text message I'm guessing he forgot. The other patient is perhaps my favorite, because we have a great therapist-patient relationship and I feel confident enough to confront him, and this confrontation is making us go forward in therapy.

After the clinic I was meeting up with my friend Dany for lunch at a restaurant-bar I believe I don't go to often enough. It took me about 45 minutes to drive through a section that would have taken me 15-20 minutes or less. When I saw the body of a young man in the pavement, surrounded by yellow tape and policemen, it made a lot of sense. It was eerie. I automatically imagined a man or men comeing up to him and shooting him, and today when I looked it up in the newspaper, I learned that indeed that's how it happened. For him and seven more people yesterday. This is a sad place to live.

Anyway. Dany and I had lunch. Dany is a friend from high school. He was and still is an oddball. He used to call himself Young Man Dan and chase and recite poems to young female teachers. He was my so-called twin brother when we were 17 and we had a never-ending battle regarding Aerosmith vs Oasis (Aerosmith all the fucking way!). This time around we only talked about his work as a graphic designer, and showed me a lot of commercials he'd done. Our sandwiches were unbelievable and then I dropped him off at a mall and I went home.

Now, I'd told Lighthouse the night before that I'd call him. He had called me on friday night to go out with him and CR but it was 9 pm and it was just go to a bar and drink. He called me, I'm assuming, because I'd called CR earlier to see if we'd do something and he didn't pick up the phone. So I called him yesterday, at about 5 pm, and he said there was a gig somewhere, and he was on his way to a bar-coffeehouse to meet up with CR. Incidentally, I had two friends waiting for me at that bar-coffeehouse at the same time, 6 pm.

These two friends were Sam and Lorena. I met them both at the university. Sam was my first guitar instructor (before Joe) and Lorena...I'm not quite sure how and why we met. She was friends with a friend of mine, and she was/is a very talented actress and writer. I ran into them when I went to see Joe's jazz band play a few months ago and we agreed on getting together for drinks. A few days ago, they asked me to join them. Yay!

So I was on my way to the bar-coffeehouse and I found a lot of traffic. In the middle of it, Lighthouse calls me and apologizes because the people he's with wants to leave. I tell him to go ahead because I was stuck and I can't make it on time to join them. I'm so sorry I made you drive all the way...we can meet up later in the night, I can even pick you up at your house. Ah, the guilt. Regardless, that just melted my heart. I didn't tell him it was not a loss for me because I had two people waiting for me at the bar-coffeehouse.

At 6:30 pm I met up with both of them. It was so great! The bar-coffeehouse always plays good old 90s rock music and the atmosphere is so relaxing. They ordered beers, I ordered a latte. And we talked and laughed and it was good all around and I want to go out with them again. It's gonna be soon, because they were equally delighted.

While I was with them, my cell phone rang a couple of times. During the day, Maniac called me four or five times but I never picked up. I know, evil. But he kinda sorta wears me out. Lighthouse called me too, again, and we agreed that I'd call him at 7:30 pm so we could meet up and attend the concert.

Long story short, I was at his house past 8 pm, after dropping off Sam and Lorena and encountering traffic, again, this time due to a car crash that'd left a SUV like a pile of shit. And CR and I got on Lighthouse's car and we went to the concert. Which is probably the highlight of my saturday.

We just went to see Lighthouse's brother's band play in a soccer field and it was for free; some sort of youth festival, and this band was closing the event. There were lots of drunk people and lots of policemen and even soldiers, for security. The three of us walked around because the boys wanted to smoke a joint, away from policemen, of course. And they did, and then their souls were at peace. We spent nearly three hours either walking or standing around watching the show. I do not complain, I was having fun looking at all those crazy people dancing ska under the stars.

For a while, Lighthouse and I were left alone while CR took a long call. He told me about the record he's about to put out, dedicated to our late friend Fer, but he needs voices and a guitar player. He'd asked me to sing, but no way in hell I'll do it , my voice sucks (I didn't say that, though). I have to lend him some of my piano books and find him a guitar player. I've thought about Joe, and I already asked him...he's not sure, because of the type of music. But his jazz band is playing next week and I'll try to take Lighthouse so they can see if they can work something out. I hope so! How cool would it be to have my two major crushes in one room? I'd shake hands with myself for making it happen, I suppose.

After the concert, at about 11 pm, they wanted to grab a bite and we went to this old cafe filled with dirty old men and strange couples dancing to funny music, including the BeeGees. They ordered stuff and I just had an orange juice. I hate those places because you have to yell to have a conversation, but it was still cool. We were there for 45 minutes until mexican country music and a hurricane-like storm in the works forced us to leave. I offered Lighthouse a dollar to pay for my drink. You know, it made me giggle inside when our fingers touched, as he grabbed the dollar half-heartedly (because usually he wants to pay the bill).

You know what else? It melted my heart when we got on his car and he said I'll take this mademoiselle home. I'm guessing he wasn't referring to CR so, aaaawww. Not like he had other choice, though, my car was parked in his house's driveway (just joking, I know he was being a gentleman). On our way to his house we discussed who'd take CR home. He insisted he had no problem taking him so he could save me some time and I wouldn't get in trouble with my dad for being so late. But Lighthouse lives too far away, you see, so I insisted too. It wouldn't make sense that the two of us drove down the same road. CR lives like 15 minutes away from my house.

But before our goodbye, Lighthouse drove around the neighborhood. I refrained to show it, but I was in awe. These were mansions, man. I'm just not used to seeing million-dollar houses. He was driving around to find a spot to park and smoke another joint. CR had been rolling it and stuff. He parked at some alley that looked like a jungle and I was expecting a Chupacabras to jump out of the bushes at any time. They smoked and I kept them company. Then Lighthouse insisted again on taking CR so I wouldn't get in trouble, but I told him that I'd just texted my dad to let him know I'd get home at 1 am. FYI, I got home, according to my watch, at 12:59 am.

So after a more-or-less thank-you-kinda hug in his car (because outside was raining and I had to run to my car), CR and I took off. It was a long drive and we talked about stuff and rain would come and go. When he got out of my car, I told him, from the very bottom of my heart, something that'd been on my mind during the night: say hi to Joseph for me. CR hasn't seen him in a while. I'm guessing he doesn't know about the baby (if it's true). I'd decided to spare myself the agony and just avoid the Joseph subject with CR. For some reason, though, I wanted to send him my best regards.

So, I'm about to go take a nap right now. CR had said something about the three of us getting together this afternoon but I don't think it's happening. Anyway, you may consider me satisfied with last night's experience, it was quite a trip, man! I'm cool with Lighthouse, because I still have fun with him. He warms my heart sporadically but that's all. However, I admit I always try to have an excuse to meet up again, and usually I do have one. I have a few, really. But they shall be used in their due time.

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