I've come to say I have not much to say.
Wednesday, 08/19/09 - 9:57 pm.

I haven't had much to say lately. Nothing new, anyway. Work has been very quiet, but I do not complain at all; it's been very pleasing, actually. Today I had a nice conversation with my boss about paranormal stuff and he congratulated me over something I'm doing and asked what he had to do for me to never leave the place. He's very, very nice (macho-thinking and brief jackass-moments aside). He also signed my leave for tomorrow afternoon.

Because tomorrow afternoon, I'm meeting up with the guys I write a blog with. It's eight of us, I know for sure five are attending. They're a riot, they're my kind. We understand each other. It's pretty cool to have such a connection with a bunch of people. We'll go for coffee and chat the afternoon away.

I just sent Lighthouse a message about Joe playing on saturday (because Lighthouse needs a guitar player and so maybe they both can work something out). I said I'd call him that day to see if he was going. Dumb hopeful me was expecting he'd call back inmediately, but I didn't even get a text message in reply. Nothing wrong with that, except for my very own pointless hope for him to act the way I want.

Not that I'm sleepless over that. As a matter of fact, I haven't thought much about him this week. Today, just a little, but because I was slightly bored. And I discovered he's been updating his FB, so he's probably got more time on his hand. That's enough of me being a stalker.

See? Not much to talk about. I'll gracefully avoid the Joseph subject, thank you. But because I've done so in real life, too. I suppose I'm as good as I'll ever be, given that I'll always have a fucking weakness for him. Oh, hell, I was saying, I'll avoid this subject.


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