You know, it seems she's chosen to live in a stoic denial for a while.
Monday, 09/02/02 - 6:26 pm.

I'm studying for tomorrow, about the Homus economicus. God, this is the worst ideology mankind came up with.

I really have nothing to say, except that I flunked my math exam and I'm probably failing the period...not the month, the entire period. Reality hasn't struck me yet, so I'm still pretty cool about it. I'll live in denial for a while. Actually, I was very stoic the entire day. And my entire day consisted of three hours for the math exam and two hours of math class. From 7:00 to 11:30, all I had at school was math. And I was very tranquil. I guess that's what happens when you accept your fate.

I'm starting to get over Denver, and I guess we're back to the relationship we've always had, this embryo of friendship, if you will. I'm not pleased with it, but hey, whatever. I don't know, lately it's like nothing matters to me. I don't care for failing math, and that's saying a lot. I barely see him now, I barely see him now. I just wonder what was in his head during the time he seemed to be in love with me, but obviously whatever it was in it now has changed, so I have to accept it. I'm still unhappy with the way things turned out to be, but it's not like I'm commiting suicide because of them.

The weather has been perfect. I haven't seen the sun for a few days now. Yesterday it was a very abnormal sunday, because there was mist and it was rainy and my family wanted to eat shrimp. So we drove up halfway the volcano to this seafood restaurant. And about the food...well, I wasn't very thrilled. Seafood looks like Men In Black creatures and I wasn't feeling very well.

Well, that has nothing to do with my point, the point is that it was raining. I looked out my window and I realized how now I think of everything in terms of One Hundred Years Of Solitude and I thought that it must be really sad when it rains for 4 years straight. I'm having an exam on that book tomorrow and I kind of know the most important things about the main characters. It's really an interesting book, but I discovered that because I had to read it twice. Otherwise, I was bored by the time the first Aureliano had lost 32 wars and had found out he had 17 children.

I'm a bit happy because I just helped Denver with some social studies shit. But that doesn't change anything *pop*.

I should get back to work.

"The first of the line is tied to a tree and the last is being eaten by ants".

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