Prefrontal lobe.
Friday, 10/23/09 - 2:55 pm.

Meet the new cast in my life, that I shall call the prefrontals: JC, Monica, Gustavo and Orlando. If all goes according to our plans, they may be getting lots on mentions in this diary. We met for the first time, all five of us, on wednesday night, as I was hoping it'd happen in my last entry. It happened nicely, and there are big things in the future of us.

The evening was pretty awesome. JC arrived to my house easily, thanks to my Google Map made in Paint. He came into my house and met my parents while I put on my shoes and found my camera. We got to the poetry recital, and our friend that was reading thanked us for coming. It was only the two of us because the other three couldn't make it on time. I'd never been to a poetry recital and it was great. I had ice cream and JC had a beer he wasn't satisfied with; I took a funy picture of him. We laughed at some of the oddest poets and I laughed when he asked me if the creepy white bust they had at the restaurant was Tom Sawyer's. I laughed quietly with my hands on my mouth for quite some time. I mean, Tom Sawyer, man. What a random character to be brought up in the conversation (he had the face of a philosopher, except for the curl on the forehead).

At the end of the recital, Monica and the two boys showed up, and we went to the Mayan Cafe. A very fitting name for us, but that's another story. We stayed there until they closed the place, talking about all the things that have brought us together: the university, our love for psychology, our plans to become a research team, and fun things like going to the beach and playing Guitar Hero. We may go to the beach, but that depends on me contacting my uncle and I'm a little embarrased to call him and ask him.

JC and I got back to my house, because he had left his car there. On our way back we saw a lot of cops and people in handcuffs, and police cars were blocking the entrance to my street. I later learned these people broke into a house pretty much around the corner from mine. It was a little scary. But at the time, I didn't know what was going on so I just took an alternate way while JC told me all the words in the spanish language that he is particularly fond of ("pamphlet" being the only one I remember right now).

As I'm writing this, it's getting windy again, yay. I'm at work and the bosses are away. Thank the Lord for that. I have a rather stupid task for wednesday, which is talking to parents of kids with palsy. It's not stupid per se, but here's the thing: these people just pull shit out of thin air: "here, come with us and talk to them to motivate them to change the way they treat their kids". And I say, fuck you. It doesn't work like that. I'm not prepared to do that nor I can get prepared to deal with this population in less than a week; I have no previous experience and I need more than five days to know what I'm facing. I asked my mother for help, because she worked for nearly 30 years with persons with disabilities. She said she's coming, but I'm still thinking of a way to sneak out of this.

But I digress. It's getting windy and I hope it's a windy weekend. And it shall be fun. A russian ballet company is performing and I thought of going, until I saw the ticket prices. Less than an hour after I saw the ad, this lady that works with the government on disability issues calls to the office to offer tickets to the staff, for FREE. I'm waiting for them, I hope they do come. I ordered three, hoping JC and Monica can come with me.

So, I pretty much don't have anything to do today at work and I'm just waiting for 4 o'clock to roll around and go to my drum lessons. Oh, God, I love playing the drums. I saw JC's drumkit when I went to his house last sunday, but it's impossible to play it. It's in somebody's bedroom (not his) and it's kinda fallen apart. Orlando is a drummer, maybe when we go to his house I can play a little.

Damn, I hope they bring the tickets on time. I really want to go.

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