I would so marry a fireman.
Sunday, 10/25/09 - 10:22 pm.

My eyes opened and it was dark. Seconds later, I got a text message. I got out of my bed and saw it was from JC. Such a coincidence, or is it that the text message woke me up? I can't seem to rebuild the timeline of those seconds accurately. Anyway, he said we needed to change our plans for today and meet at 11, not at 10. And then I realized it was 5 am. I texted him and he called me back. I only say this because it's awesome that your best friend calls you at 5 am when he's coming back from a party (but he wasn't drunk, such a responsible guy).

I had to go to the other end of the house so I wouldn't wake my parents up in the eventuality that he made me laugh, something he never fails to do. JC went to the graduation party of the psychology class of 09. He'd called me last night and told me he would get out of it at 1 am. He ended up leaving at 4:30 am. In the end, I told him it was best that we met for lunch, so he would get some more sleep.

As a precaution, I sent him a text at 11:30 am: "are you conscious, mister?". He never replied so I didn't leave the house. He wasn't conscious until 1 pm and so we had lunch at 1:30 at this awesome huge plant nursery/garden on some sort of hill. He loved the place. We had a nice conversation, which included how he found out he had a sister on his father's side. He's such a fucking sweetheart, man. Also, he was excited because after lunch he was getting a puppy. Like me, he begged his whole life for one (in my case, my whole life until I was 12, when Frog came into my life...God, I still miss her so much).

After we went our separate ways, I went to the movies by myself. Always a pleasure, indeed. I saw "the accidental husband". It wasn't as good as I thought it'd be but I still enjoyed it a lot. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, WIN. As it happens with chick flicks, I started to think about Joseph and how he probably would look back on me as someone too rational when it came to love. I'm also afraid that he misjudged me on many things regarding my career, and if he ever saw this movie, he'd probably pick the wrong features to refer to me. I always think that psychology and the image of an expert giving advice -they are not the same thing, may I add- are very distorted in movies, and so then people end up thinking psychologists are overrated and arrogant.

Anyway. It was an ok movie but I walked out of the theater feeling nostalgic and slightly sad. I guess it's always the same old story, about missing what I had with Joseph, wishing to find someone to have that with again and fearing I won't, ever. I'm afraid of ending up with a boring guy who always wears a suit. Maybe that's why I'm not attracted to Skeleton Guy. He's interesting but not, um...exciting.

Well, here comes the last week of october. I know I say this often with no results, but I have plans. I keep working on accomplishing my goals. What gets me through the weeks and the months is my long-term goals (writing papers, finding scholarships), but what gets me through the day is JC. I shall thank him personally for that someday.

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