Things I did with him in his bedroom last night.
Saturday, 11/07/09 - 01:33 pm.

Two very important announcements, before I begin the entry:

1. MY FRIEND ANGEL IS GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!!! He IS married by now, I believe. Fuck, I can barely believe it. I haven't seen him in years -he lives in Canada- but we talk on a daily basis and he's one of my best friends ever. He found an amazing girl and now he has someone to be amazing with. Congratulations to both, I wish them a lifetime of happiness and geekiness.

2. I'm afraid Aerosmith is no more. There's nothing official, but when there is, rest assured I will have some sort of a breakdown.

Yesterday I had my awesome drumming lessons and afterwards I, um...I went to JC's house. His 6:30 pm class was cancelled and we were less than a mile away. He invited me to play Smash Bros. Brawl.

I arrived to his house before he did (after class) and waited outside in my car. I had some time to think about what I'm doing with him. I wondered many things about what he could be thinking about this relationship we have, but I suppose the only way to clear it up is by talking to him. Something I'm not brave enough to do, at least not yet.

When he arrived, we came into his house, and we talked for some time in the kitchen. I called my dad to let him know I would get home late. All the while, JC was dancing to some 80s music remix (including the Grease soundtrack) and I hung up right on time to see him coming out of the studio, dancing with a bright orange helmet on. I would have harmed my dad's ear when I bursted out laughing.

We went for dinner to a small restaurant one block away from his house. It was raining a little but we went walking without umbrellas. I still had our change from our lunch together the day before, that we couldn't split because it was a $5 bill, so I paid with it ($3.50 for both our meals; pretty neat, huh? We got change from our change). We walked back home when it was pouring, and I was silently amazed by something perhaps so simple: 8 pm, walking under the rain with this unbelievable boy, hearing his story about how insanely drunk he once got at 15. I was so thankful for JC coming into my life this way.

Back at his house, we tried to see "The Sound of Music", but the sound and the image were out of sync, so he showed me a funny anime about schoolgirls in pink uniforms. I can't remember the name but it was so random, and we both love randomness, and we were laughing out loud, while eating the Doritos a coworker had given me (aaaawwww). I was lying on his bed and he was lying on the floor, but we were next to each other. I mean, I could've just lean to the left to make out with him, yay.

You see, we kind of flirt now, but mostly over text messages. I wouldn't dare to carry out those things in real life, especially when I remember that he *still* has a girlfriend. And I feel sorry for her, because by now it's clear he doesn't want to stay with her. I'd like to tell him to just put her out of her misery already and be honest with her, but I'm afraid it'd sound wrong. I guess I'll do it, though. He's just avoiding the break-up because he doesn't want to hurt her. But he is hurting her, anyway.

Back to the anime, after a couple of episodes, past 10 pm, we started to play Smash Bros. Brawl, but we had to stop. JC's mom runs a catering business and JC had to go to someone's house to pick up stuff after a party. I thought of going home to avoid my dad's awkwardness, but I decided to go with him. Screw my SuperEgo.

He drove to this neighborhood of rich people and I helped him load stuff on the back of his family's pick-up truck. There was a man that seemed to be JC's mom's employee, and he asked me if JC was my boyfriend. I chuckled, "we're just friends". After some 30 minutes of final arrangements with the hostess of the party, we drove to a gas station to drop off this employee and then I helped JC unload the stuff at home. His mom thanked me. She's such a nice lady, and his dad is very nice, too. But I rarely see them. I'm mostly in JC's room and they're in some other room or just not home.

After unloading the stuff, he walked me to my car. We hugged goodbye tightly. When I was in my car, I called him and made him rush through his garage to my car window, just to tell him, "hey, bye" (in-joke). I knew I'd pulled it right when he said: "you'll pay for this".

He just called me, he's about to be in a casting for the university radio. He has no intentions of winning, he just wanted to be silly and the chance to win a laptop. I hope he can get out soon so I can see him today. I always have so many things to tell him and so does he. Text messages are not enough.

Last night I left his house with a smile on my face. I've said this before, but I feel like he's my boyfriend. Except we don't touch each other, unless he's showing me how his students flirt with him, or we're kissing/hugging goodbye. I don't know about him, but I feel this sexual tension when I'm around him. But I'm willing to accept this, if this is all our relationship will amount to. He's one of the best things to happen to me this year, and it's been quite a ride, with severe ups and downs.

I'm afraid I'm going out with Skeleton Guy later. But maaaybe I'll see JC, too. Today or tomorrow. And I should also stop being so lazy and prepare an application for a scholarship.

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