A helmet to face the national emergency.
Sunday, 11/08/09 - 9:36 pm.

Last night, the country was under the effect of a hurricane. It was 10:20 pm and the rain was terrible, non-stop. Then JC calls me. He tells me he went to an activity with his community that helped him clear his mind. And hey, can you come out for a second? I'm shocked. He's kidding me, he's not outside of my house. Yes, I am, listen, I'm going to honk. And he honked.

My parents were asleep and I unlocked the doors, to find him under the small roof of the entrance, trying to protect himself from the storm. I just came to give you a hug. And we hugged tightly for a few seconds. I wanted to kiss him so badly, but I'd vowed not to. And then he left. And I was speechless, breathless. Only afterwards I realized how stupid I was to let him go under the rain; clearly I wasn't thinking well. At least he made it home safely.

But before that incredible and surprising episode of awesomeness, that is hands down THE sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, cool stuff happened with JC. I didn't go out with Skeleton Guy in the afternoon, because JC came to my house after his casting . We hung out in my living room for a while and then we walked under the drizzle to a coffeehouse near my house. He loved the Oreo Frapuccino and I loved my Ice Caramel. When he saw the coffeehouse serves breakfast, he promised one day we'd have breakfast before I go to work, at 7 am. Sounds like quite an adventure, considering we both have a hard time getting up early.

When we got back to my house, he left. But we chatted online for some time later. I brought up the topic of his girlfriend and in a nutshell, he realized he had to do it soon. I'm still proud of myself, because when we discuss that topic, I can be neutral and rational. I've been able to put my friend's painful situation before my own needs of wanting to hook up with said friend.

Seeing JC's break-up has been hard for me but also therapeutic. I still feel sorry for his girlfriend, seeing that she's in the same position I was with Joseph, still in love and willing to try her darnest to make it work. But as it goes in these situations, you're rooting for your friend. And JC is my friend. And he thinks it's best to call it quits, so he has double support from me on that one.

Today we were supposed to go see a movie, but he had to work on some papers to turn in this week at the university. I didn't feel that dissapointed when he told me that, because at the back of my mind I was determined to see him today.

Indeed, I ended up going to his house in the afternoon. He asked me for help in a report and it was very difficult to do it online. Even though it was still cloudy, the rain had stopped. So I grabbed my laptop and went to his house, in a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. He even called me, as I was stepping out, to ask me if I was serious about going to his house. I'd written him an e-mail earlier, telling him to take care of himself and to wear his helmet (the orange one) to face the national emergency properly. So then he told me not to come, because "you don't have a helmet".

I went, anyway. He was outside when I arrived so I just came into his bedroom and plugged my laptop. His dad appeared on the doorway and just smiled and said hi to me. Then JC showed up and with small talk here and there, we both typed the afternoon away. He didn't require much of my help, really. But it was comforting having him next to me, even if we weren't speaking. I too had some things to catch up on.

By the end of the afternoon, he received messages from his girlfriend, in which she said they were stuck, although she wanted to try her hardest. We'd just been talking about her, about how JC loves her but can't go on with the relationship. I told him a few things about my break-up with Joseph, and it was just really nice talking to him about all this. I think he'll break up with her tomorrow. I hope they end up on good terms and can clear everything up, and be friends eventually. She sounds like a very smart girl and he loves her. Just not like a girlfriend.

Before I left, he told me a funny story about a girl from the States that was in love with him and would come to see him a couple of times every year. She once came for a weekend and stayed in his house, and he struggled not to give in, because he had a girlfriend at the time. She did so many things to catch him over the weekend, dressing sexy and getting physical, but in the end all she got from him was a kiss on the forehead. I laughed at JC's story, he's a great storyteller and clearly a very faithful guy. But I felt sorry for the girl, how frustrating.

After the story, he walked me to my car. We hugged goodbye and I wished him luck with his girlfriend tomorrow. We agreed on how great it is to work next to the other, even if we're doing different things. I remember I wrote part of my thesis at Joseph's house; I just needed to have him around. So I think we'll get together more often, because my presence boosts up his efficiency.

When I was unlocking my car, he ran back to his house, and gave me one of his orange helmets...so I too would be "safe" during these storms. That was...you know, I'm slowly running out of words to describe how I feel about him. How unbelievable cute that was.

I put the helmet in my car and then he pulled me towards him and hugged me tightly again. We stayed like that for a while. And then he told me "I love you a lot".

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