Cowabunga, I guess (OR "life is much more than this").
Thursday, 09/05/02 - 5:36 pm.

From Animation Magazine:
CNET reports that all electronic games have been banned by the Greek government. A law went into effect in late July that imposes heavy fines and prison terms on anyone found in possession of a game in any format, be it a PC, console, GameBoy or mobile phone.

My period exams are over and I came home at 9:50 am. I finished today's exams at 8:30 but dad didn't pick me up until 9:40. I hung out with my last year science teacher, with whom I have a mother-in-law/son-in-law relationship, since he loves Liv Tyler. We talked about CD burners and symphonic metal and rock music...the usual stuff between us. I told him a bit about my somewhat famous, intellectual family and we got to the conclusion that he could be my brother, because he's as old as Renan.

When I got home, I talked to Carmen online. Blah, blah, blah....she says she enjoys being with me, that I should be more open, we talked about her...she did notice we always talk about her...she said it was nice talking to me for a long period of time. Something similar my teacher told me: I enjoy talking to you, it's a shame we don't get to do it a lot. Awww.

So I was talking to Carmen and I realized that I was pending on my routine. I mean, let's say it was around 12:30 and I was thinking that by that time, I was being picked up along with Javier by my parental units. At 12:55 I said to Carmen that it was about time for me to catch up with my routine...sure enough, my parental units arrived at that time, with me. We said goodbye and I picked up my routine after I arrive from school: have lunch with parental units, read the newspapers and then do something. I started reading a book and then I fell asleep.

I went to say hi to Fidel when I was out of my exam.

- Fidel: So there's just one more period to go, huh? I don't want this year to end because you guys [the seniors] will leave school and I'll stop seeing most of you...but on the other hand, I do want it to end, I'm sick of it.
I looked through the high school hallway
- Me: I'm mixed up, too...I don't want this to end...but part of me says that life has to be much more than this.
- Fidel: Yes! yeah, definitely. You become very attached to this life, to these hallways...but life *is* much more than this. I for one am 34 years old and I can tell you that you will *always* find unique is so much more than this.

Since last year, when I realized time was running and my years of school would finish soon, I kept thinking that by this time of the year, I'd be depressed because school was finishing. but here I am...a bit sad, yes, because I am very attached to this lifestyle, to this 11 years routine, but I am also excited. I am getting slightly bored of this and I feel some kind of curiosity, I want change. I'll cry when it's over but I'm also a bit excited about the future.

I've lost hope with Denver, so I'm actually not very affected by the idea that I won't be seeing him until monday. We were talking online this afternoon was a short conversation, it takes forever for him to reply and all of a sudden he goes offline. He comes back on and then goes offline again...and then never comes back. It pisses me off but there's really nothing I can do. I am still upset because losing a boy like him without reason is just heartbreaking. I'm going to quote what I've always quoted at times like this one: losing all hope was freedom.

- Carmen: Geez, you know every quote by are a Fight Club freak.
- Me: No, I am not. I just happen to agree with it.

I gotta go, my nephew brought a tape with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon episode *love sigh*.

Yesterday I discovered that on channel 6 there's a TMNT show, a la Power Rangers. It sucks, of course, but I love TMNT, you realize.


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