My non non-boyfriend.
Friday, 12/11/09 - 2:05 pm.

I've been terrible at updating, but not much has happened, really. Other than the fact that I'm incredibly happy with JC and I'm worrying about how to handle my money the best way possible these holidays.

As for the second topic, I'm alarmed by how my savings have decreased, although it's not due to the holidays but to unforeseen expenses. I'm not broke but I so wish I did not need to touch any more money. I got paid today, a lot, but I have to manage it wisely, to make it last through the holidays, my holiday gift list, my trip to Houston and the beggining of next year, even, because I do not know if I'll have my job in january. Things are really bad in the office. Although honestly, I wouldn't entirely mind, I'm only in this job for the money and I keep looking for something better that's according to my preparation. I'm sick of being a secretary.

As for the first topic, surprise, surprise: I'm in love with JC. He refers to me as his girlfriend, although we never said anything about being such thing. But what the hell. I am his girlfriend, he is my boyfriend, we act like such. So there.

I hadn't seen him since the events I recorded in my last entry. That was a fucking eternity, although we did speak over e-mail, text and phone, very, very often. We took all that time apart so he could study for his finals and now he is free, no more classes or exams or papers. He starts his thesis in january.

He came to have lunch with me yesterday, and it was great being alone in the pizza parlor, kissing and holding hands. Then he came to my house last night and we talked a lot, and we made out when my parents and sister weren't around. Aside from him being really hot, he's a total mindfuck. He's clever and funny. He loves nature documentaries, which is just adorable, and it's just awesome that we both can talk about psychology. We briefly touched the subject of studying abroad, and it comforted me that we're both willing to try to study in the same country as the other. I know that's rather difficult, because it depends on programs and scholarships...but it's nice that we'll try to make that effort.

Tonight I have a get-together with the gang from the university: Victor2, Victoria and Michelle, who's visiting from Sweden. We'll meet at Victoria's house. JC is coming with me. On my side, there's no problem with him. He's been inmediately accepted by my friends and they're happy that I've found someone like him. They know him, actually, from the university; even Michelle was his instructor for a subject, back in the day. They know how the story went.

You see, although JC considers me his girlfriend, we can't go out as a couple in public (real life nor online), especially in his town, that is very small and everybody seems to know each other. We can't make public anything, because we'd be automatically blamed: he broke up with his ex for me, I stole him from her, whatever (FYI, I don't think you "steal" someone, and this is something I learned with Joseph; Mrs Smith didn't steal him from me, he chose to go with her). No pictures, no statuses, no certain places, no certain people. I don't mind all these measures, actually. I too am very interested in avoid being misjudged.

JC forwarded me an e-mail his ex sent him today. It's a rather ugly one where she insults him and stuff. Their break-up is none of my business, aside from me being a simple spectator, but I think what she says is too much. It's very nasty: she blames him because she is like shit right now, she says he thinks he's superior to her and that he hates her, that he's "trying to save the universe and be good to everybody" but taking out on her what he can't do to others. I know I have yet to find JC's flaws (and viceversa), but this e-mail sounds more driven by a hurt ego than by the principle of reality. But yeah, it's understandable.

On happier news, JC and I are going to the cabin tomorrow and we'll be back on sunday. Suffice to say, since our first kiss, our hormones running wild have been added to the awesome mix that is our relationship. Yes, protection will be used.

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