The busy week before getting on a plane.
Thursday, 12/17/09 - 11:58 am.

Again, I've been terrible at updating. At work, I'm sick of being on the computer and I have small tasks that keep interrupting each other. And my evenings after work have been busy, too, mostly honoring social commitments.

I forgot to mention that last friday (the 11th), I took JC to a small get-together of my friends. It was only Victoria and her boyfriend, Michelle (who just got back from Sweden for the holidays) and JC and me. It was one of those grown-up reunions, where they gather to have dinner and chat at the dinner table. It was great because JC and I could be affectionate around them; they know our story and are happy for us. Michelle asked me if he was my boyfriend yet, but no, not yet. He just acts like one. And he blends in perfectly with my friends.

That was friday. Then the awesome weekend happened.

On monday, it was my mom's birthday. JC had a get-together with some of his friends, but before that he stopped by my house. We talked in the living room and he met my aunt (mother's sister) and my uncle (father's brother). He took off as my Brother #3 and his wife showed up, and he was nervous to say hello to them, because he looks up to them; they were his professors at the university. We ordered chinese, exactly the three meals he loves the most, which are also the ones I love the most. Awesome.

When he left, my family asked me why I let him go, why didn't I invite him to stay for dinner, etc. I explained to them that he had a previous commitment, but either way, that made me really happy. I think he's slowly becoming more and more welcome in my house because he's seen around. And I just know that he blends in perfectly with my family as he blends in with my friends.

I didn't see him again until last night, after my drum lessons. Come to think of it, we only didn't see each other on tuesday but damn, it felt like a fucking eternity, especially because we didn't talk much in the meantime, he and I had other things to do (but still I got a little neurotic). Last night we had the chance to practice intercourse (*cough*) but we didn't have any protection. I suppose having a three-pack around or his vasectomy would be very handy by now.

He told me last week that he wanted for us to finish a Nintendo game together. I thought that was very funny and sweet of him. So last night we started playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II for NES. And then we ate jelly sandwiches and watched "The Big Bang Theory" and "Animal Planet: The Most Extreme". We both love that show (he loathes cockroaches and they were part of the countdown. This is where I say: "haha").

It just dawned on me that I'm leaving for Houston on sunday and I have not packed my bags. I'm not thinking of taking much, anyway, I'll try to travel light, as CR once told me. I'm scared of leaving my cats, though, because they have learned this habit of dissapearing for a day or two; they used to be very home-loving and now I'm scared they might get lost or stolen (they're Himalayan). I hope they'll be ok these two weeks. A good friend of the family will come to spend the night every every night I'm away.

Tonight I'm getting together with my cousin Mario for dinner, and afterwards with CR and Lighthouse to give them a little christmas present. I owe CR and Lighthouse much of the good times I've had this year, at least during the first half of it, that was also the most critical, due to Joseph issues. I have to thank them.

Tomorrow I have the christmas lunch at the office and then no more work until january 4th. I hope that with this I'm clear of all social responsibilities and I have friday and saturday free, to prepare my stuff, pre-check my flight and be with JC.

I shall stop here for it's lunch time. Yay!

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