Thank you, 2009.
Thursday, 12/31/09 - 12:08 pm.

This has been the best year of my life. It started like crap, and I felt like crap for a long time, but I succeeded in surviving with style and eventually thriving.

Of course I would love to look back on all my entries and write about the highlights, but I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time because we have to cook for the New Year's Eve Celebration and I have a respectable headache.

January was the most devastating month of my life, and the landslide didn't stop until june. All this has written "Joseph" all over it. JC called me in june but things didn't start happening between us until him I owe much of my happiness this year, even if he too betrayed my feelings in the end.

I've built a solid social network around me, and I'm thankful for what every member of it brings into my life. My family is always there for me, first and foremost. I made new friends and strenghtened the bond with old ones. CR and Lighthouse deserve a special mention, for bringing insane amounts of fun and new experiences for me.

I got a job that I hate but pays the bills and more. Still, I plan on quitting this year. I have a psychology clinic that I will make grow and I'll keep pursuing a scholarship to become a better psychologist and a better human being.

I have a tattoo that I love. I discovered the White Stripes. I started wearing eyeliner. I stayed out late, drove faster and went many places, to many gigs. Simeon's presence grew stronger and got himself a little fan base. He deserves it.

A letter to myself is in order, I believe. But I'll do it on FB, for the world (or at least, the friends of my friends) to see. It must sound a little self-centered but I want to do it. I need a little exorcism, I need to leave words lingering in the air, I need to know that there's a chance that these words will be read by the ones who inspired them.

Thank you, readers and friends, for sticking around. 2010 will be for the most part what we make of it, so let's get to it. Thank you, 2009, for everything you brought for me and everything you took away from me. And thank you once more, little diary, for holding my life in you.

Happy New Year!

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