*Simeon mouths: &$#%*
Sunday, 09/08/02 - 5:37 pm.

I had to change layout again. Because the strongest reasons that made me get the kitty template are not here anymore and what sums up my entire life is the question what the fuck? (I am lame at explaining). Still, you should check out this design site because I say so.

This morning while I was taking a bath, I wrote a song. Ok, not "wrote", because my hands were busy making bubbles (wheeeee!!!) but I did come up with one. Yeah, even the melody. I wrote it down later and....well, I have it here (*Simeon unfolds a ripped piece of paper and hands it to yours truly*)....but it's not finished. I doubt it'll ever be, because I don't start songs to finish them (*Simeon folds the paper again and puts it aside*).

He says he'd name his first album self-titled.

Why, of course...I too have the standard dream of becoming a rock star and shit...but I doubt it'll come true in this life. I'm too lazy to write my delusions of grandure right now, maybe some other sunday.

FYI: I only come up with delusions of grandure on sundays.

If anyone asked anything about me right now, I'd play the first 5 seconds of Fell in love with a girl for them.

- Simeon: why?
- Me: just for kicks.

Denver...? It's all good, I guess. I mean, as good as you could expect someone to be after being in love with someone and then being ditched by that someone without further explanation. I don't expect him to come back. And it's a good thing he won't, because I'm too hurt to take him back yet I love him too much to reject him. I'm still confused and a little, little bit hurt.

It's funny how one single person can make you feel so alone.

But I'll probably be laughing at this sad chapter of my life when....when...

- when....?
- ...when I'm laughing at it.

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