Hi, I was just wondering if you remember that once I was part of your life.
Wednesday, 09/11/02 - 4:16 pm.

So far, 9/11 has been the worst tragedy I've ever witnessed. But everything has been said about this date already (I like the way he, she and she put it).

*minute of silence*

Sometimes, I just wish the planet would implode in half a second and everything since the big-bang stopped existing.


I introduced Prozac to some people at school today. Some said he was disgusting, some said he was lovely.

The half-hour recess would have been terrible without Cel. She's always there for me. She kept me company. Until a certain girl came up to her, sat in front of her (we were on the floor) and Cel asked her something about some him. She started to cry, and for what I got out of the entire conversation, she is in a situation similar to mine. Except she did tell the boy she loved him, and it seems he didn't care. Cel would glance at me now and then, more especifically everytime she'd say something about loving someone who doesn't care for you (I love her way with words).

Today I discovered that, sometimes, in your most intense period of struggling against emotional sickness, you can become healthier than usual. I was brokenhearted today, and to scape from any possibility of running into him, I sped up my lunch time duties (such as brushing my teeth) and I finished them up earlier, so I had ten extra minutes. And it was cool because I got the Obese Girl to give me a massage.

Elsy bought me my favorite snack today (it's chocolate balls filled with cookie...I know, ohmygod! If you tasted it once, you'd be jealous of me because I get to eat it everyday). When she gave the tiny bag to me, for a short period of time, so short it was practically unexistant, I had the feeling that it was christmas, and that she was giving me a present. I thought (and told her) that it must be really nice to spend christmas with her.

Other than that, my life is full of minimal events that an average human being doesn't care for, as they're part of the routine.

I do care for them, and I wish I could talk about them but I have some homework to do.

Once again, the system pollutes me, and I'm forced to say some things because I shouldn't say others.

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