The new family member and the Far West.
Sunday, 07.11.10 - 10:20 pm.

My new dog is here! She's named Pichu, after the pokļæ½mon. She was brought home on friday afternoon. She's taller than I expected and she's no breed at all, I believe. Either way, I love her. She's a sweetheart, although she's still adjusting to us and gets nervous from time to time. But she was confident enough to pick one of the living room couches as her bed, the very first night she spent here. Damn.

Per Blackie's request, meet Pichu: Photobucket

Nena, my cat, wasn't very happy, of course, and both have had a few encounters but no one has gotten hurt. However, I'm glad Nena didn't take to the roof and dissapeared; she sticks around, protecting her domains and her staff (me). I hope tensions will decrease between both of them over time.

Pichu's 7 or 8 years old. I wonder what she's gone through; I just know she used to live on the streets and was abandoned, so obviously she is used to eating garbage (hence she won't eat dog food alone). I can't take her out for a walk yet because she fears the leash, I'm guessing she associates that to going from foster home to foster home to shelter. I hope she'll realize soon that this isn't just another temporary shelter but her home for good.

Even my parents have been surprinsingly welcoming. And I'm so happy I finally gave a stray dog a home. It's raining right now, and maybe Pichu spent many nights under the rain. No more, she is finally safe.

I wish people understood animals must not be bought. Adopt, kids. It's good for you, and for the world.


Last night I had an amazing night with Victor1 and Victoria. Victor came over in the afternoon to work on an article we're writing. Afterwards, we picked up Victoria and headed to a pizza place where they had pizza and beer and I had pizza and soda. Then we found this incredible place named Far West where they had beer. And so did I *gasp*. The Far West, I realized, was like Joseph's house. It had the same structure.

It's so wonderful that we still get along and there's so much chemistry between us. We went to school together, we went through the psychology career together...we had a bit of a fallout at the end of it but it was like a break. A 4th friend, Candy, never came back to us. But there we were last night, talking and laughing and enjoying our in-jokes, past and present.

Most of our conversation revolved around our relationships. We talked a lot about Joseph and how I was doing in the aftermath. I really appreciated the chance to talk about this with them. Victor1 and I haven't been emotionally close for years but we reconnected last night.

What I talked to them about him is nothing I haven't mentioned here, one way or another. They also reviewed people that have liked me (typical...with the exception of Joseph and JC, I only attract weirdos) and we mourned JC as what could have been my perfect partner. They also insisted on finding someone for me, because -they say- even though I've done a remarkable job healing, I still need to find someone to help me hammer the last nail on Joseph's coffin.

It was an awesome night. Even though we talked about relationships, we laughed so hard. And they were very supportive of me. However, I got the feeling, and I've been thinking about this for days, that nobody will fully understand how I feel deep down. Sure, many people have gone through what I have, but it's going to be two years since our break-up in October and I still choke. I have moments, everyday, in which I fall in agony, if anything, for half a minute. Most people don't quite believe I'm still deeply wounded.

Joseph's in-laws are Victoria's neighbors. Joseph's wife used to be Victoria's neighbor, and she describes her as a little devil. Her parents are very religious. Victoria told me that she talked to them this week and they told her she had married and had a child with a man that had nothing to offer (*cough*Joseph), and they were very sad about it but would be there for her. As far as I know, Joseph's wife severed ties with her parents. Except for the time last year when Victoria saw Joseph sitting outside his wife's house, while she was inside.

Well, we also celebrated that Victoria got a new job. Weeks ago, she was so sad about how things were turning out, but now it seems everything is looking up for her: she'll leave the awful lame-paying job at our old school for a full-time, much better-paying job, she'll celebrate her first anniversary with her boyfriend after overcoming some conflicts...I'm so happy for her. And it gives me hope.

So cheers for my friends, for our successes and failures and for the lulz.

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