Yesterday's entry, about a scholarship and some random guy.
Thursday, 07.15.2010 - 10:01 pm.

Last night I was going to post an entry, but a huge thunderstorm hit and the lights went out until today at 10 am. Ergo, no Internet. But more sleep, yay. I consumed my laptop battery by writing the entry and watching The Big Bang Theory.


I'm back to searching scholarships and universities. Which means I'm very discouraged because I've found nothing so far. I'm so confused about the different application process, deadlines, requirements,'s so hard.

Today I found a scholarship for Australia. I hadn't considered that country and it sounds good, it seems they go easy on international students. Unfortunately, the deadline is July 30th...argh, the national Foreign Affairs website is always late on these things; on the official website it says June 30th! Maybe I could make it to July, but the scholarship application requires that I'm pre-accepted to an Australian university. *Sigh* Still, I wrote to the Australian Embassy in Chile. Doesn't hurt to ask.

[Just an update: I'll try to apply to the scholarship. The Embassy wrote me back with information. I pretty much have everything or can have it by the end of next week, right on time to mail it...except for the application to the university itself. So, I have a week to apply to it...of course, that implies the work of browsing university websites and programs and guidelines and deadlines and international student stuff and I'm going to die doing all that. Wish me luck!]

On a different subject, I got a FB message from a guy today, a guy we shall call John. It's the second time he writes to me. We went to school together and he was kicked out in middle school, I think. He was just an acquaintance.

Two things I remember about him: he was very sexual and once I saw him dry-humping on the floor, while calling his then girlfriend. And one time we were in a group activity and I was blind-folded and he was supposed to be my guide...he didn't follow the established path and as a joke, took me to other places around school. That angered me and I remember I started to scratch his arm when I realized we were the last to arrive and he was pretty much making fun of me.

Anyway, he first wrote to ask for my MSN account to chat. Today, he wrote asking if I really played the drums so we could play together. When I replied, he asked a minute later if I could chat and so we started to talk. He seemed very interested in me, asking me questions about my whereabouts these days, and said I seemed really cool and we should hang out soon. We caught up on our lives. He works less than a block away from my office and he lives in the same neighborhood where my psychology clinic is.

We talked a lot about options for meeting up and we're meeting on saturday noon for pizza. He insisted on things I like to do, if I liked to go out and attend concerts and what music I like. At some point I felt he was being very pushy to set a date to meet up but then he calmed down. He told me to give him a call if I needed a wingman for anything these days, if I have free time to meet up and such. He said he wanted to hang out with me because I seem cool.

(He sounded a bit desperate, or in a hurry, at the least)

He even suggested, while we were talking about options, that he could pick me up and then see whatever we could do, go grab a beer or something, or go out at night. I didn't tell him anything and tried to distract him with other options, but I started to think about my safety. After all, I do not know this guy. He probably grew out of his horny pubescent ways, and I don't want to imply anything because he sounds very laid back and nice, but I just don't know him. So while it sounds kind of neat, kind of like, dare I say it, a date, I'll go for the practical way and drive myself, thanks.

Also, don't think of me as excited. I don't like him as a romantic prospect nor I have any kind of expectations in that sense. I just think it's nice to reconnect with old classmates who also happen to think I'm cool. Another guy I went to school with but never, ever crossed a word with, sent me a message about a month ago, saying he'd heard a lot about me and wondered why we never spoke, and looked forward to meeting each other properly at the next high school reunion.


On other news, I exercised today. It's been a while and it put me in a good mood. I'd just found the news about Australia and had an e-mail about the possibility of meeting with two blogger friends in the future, so it was a good afternoon. I probably don't have a chance with Australia this year but I'm happy because it's a new option I haven't considered.

And, um, the end.

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