The power of high heels.
Saturday, 07.17.2010 - 12:47 am.

I just want to write a quick note about how cool it was to hang out with my boys, CR and Lighthouse, tonight, after not seeing them for three weeks (I happen to keep track of the time spent without seeing them).

I took them to The Far West, which they loved. I spent like three hours hearing about overweight women at Lighthouse's workplace, how once humanity was punished by water (Noah's Ark) and now will be punished by fire and God forbid someone sets the BP oil spill on fire, and...Jesus is an alien? I don't know, man, these guys are kind of nuts. Strangely enough, though, what they say makes sense. On some level.

On the other hand, I could have done without hearing about Joseph. I met with the Smiths, CR said at the gas station, while I filled my tank and waited for Lighthouse (as you may recall, I call him and his wife Mr and Mrs Smith, to distance myself from them and...let's face it, I'm such a Jennifer Anniston losing Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie). I just chuckled, and silence followed. I suppose CR was expecting that I asked for details. Truth is, as much as I hurt, or maybe exactly because of that, I don't want to talk about Joseph anymore.

Later, when Lighthouse went to the restroom at the Far West (haha, I love that name), CR said he met the baby and Jesus Christ, I couldn't care less about his poweful, Joseph-like psychopath stare. I was about to ask him to stop telling me these things when Lighthouse came back and we changed subject, and they went on talking about how humanity is ruining the Earth.

The Awesome Part of The Evening: I got up to go to the restroom and Lighthouse got up, too, because he'd been sitting next to me and was giving me space to walk by. I pointed out that now I was the same height as he is, and he asked why. I showed him my high, you should have seen his face! "What happened to the sneakers?!". He was so pleasantly surprised and started to ramble about how guys fall for those things and women look hotter and stuff. Seriously, he was all smiles, perhaps like, "our little girl is growing up!". CR was very surprised, too, when he noticed, but he did it at the gas station. I suppose with that seemingly tiny change I'm not "one of the boys" anymore, but a girl among the boys.

So I went to the restroom and giggled like a schoolgirl by his reaction and I felt...poweful, like for a moment I had power over him. It was amazing. I was so excited that I felt like jumping and screaming. Listen, Lighthouse talks about very odd subjects sometimes, has a terrible case of homophobia, etc...I just listen to him and keep my arguments to myself. I suppose that intellectually he's not my cup of tea (he's smart, but like I've said, we're not on the same page), but he does make my hormones tremble from time to time, a little bit.

And get this: when I came back and sat down, he was totally leaning towards me. His posture was like that for the rest of the evening; our knees even touched at some point. I'm not implying he suddenly got a crush on me, but obviously he was impressed and maybe unconsciously, he just felt the urge to get close. Because let's face it, I've pretty much become a babe *cough*. And one that can speak fluently about the Psychology of Rumor.

So, um...yay. I'm going to bed grinning. But maybe it's the rum. Oh, yeah, I drank a bit of rum. High heels and alcohol. Damn, imagine that in me.

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