No....but hey.
Wednesday, 09/18/02 - 7:39 pm.

Hi, I was reviewed. Aw, I feel so special. Joey Kramer? JOEY KRAMER! They know how to get to you.

I'm in a good mood right now. All in all, I've been in a good mood the whole day. I just watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. I LOVE THE FUCKIN' TURTLES! I'm drinking chocolate milk, I'm ahead on my homework schedule aaaaannnd, to top it all off....guess what?.....It's something nice that has to do with a boy I love....


Well, actually, no.

There's nothing to top it all off.

But that's ok, I guess. You can't have it all.

The only bad thing right now is that my rib hurts. Vic crushed it when he gave me a bear hug this morning. It's been hurting since then, and I even thought that it might be the closest to be broken. But Art (doctor-to-be) said that when you break a rib you can barely walk. So I guess it's just a minimal injury. It does hurt when I laugh, though (not that I laugh a lot lately).

Well, so speaking of the boy I, really. Speaking of him...I've seen him very down this week, very serious at times. This day in particular, I saw him a lot. And damn my luck, everytime I turned my head to see him, I'd find his eyes on me. Of course there's a part of me that thinks and hopes he's indeed looking at me just because. But landing in reality, I tend to think it's just a coincidence, or, in any case, he just may be trying to find out if I am looking at him.

Surprise! I am.

Today he tapped my head as he was walking me by.

So as I was saying...he seems a bit down. Today I was sitting on the floor on one given recess, and he was sitting a few feet away with Norman. I was with Sophie. Then I saw him alone and I saw something through his eyes...I really can't tell what. But anyway...aside from his presence, everything was ok. Cel arrived and I jumped on her. And I let myself die in her arms. And she let me die in her arms. Once again, I had no skeleton. Carmen was walking by.
- Carmen: you look like Satine.
- Cel: Who?
- Carmen: Didn't you see "Moulin Rouge"? Well, she looks like Satine when she dies.
Cel hasn't seen the movie (neither have I), but I guess she got the point. I remained dead for a couple of seconds, remembering that once he called me Satine (He loves Moulin Rouge).

I have to go...something just came up and it looks bad...very, very bad. I'm a little scared.

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