Wierd Will Haunting.
Thursday, 09/19/02 - 6:39 pm.

Cel came over this afternoon. All of a sudden, we were told room D's afternoon classes were being called off. I was going to stay in the afternoon, with some people, to study math, but then I thought that studying with people is useless. With more than three people, that is.

So on the third recess I asked Cel to come over. And she spent the entire afternoon in my house. And we analyzed math a lot. Something's wrong...I can understand everything. I mean, I'm not understimating myself, but usually when I'm very confident, something goes wrong and I fail miserably. But no, I have to stay positive. After all, I have my three meals everyday, and that helps with the development of my intelligence.

- You know what rocks?
- What, Simeon?
- To answer a "why" question with a "yes".

My day was ok. I finished all my school tasks in time, so for this week I'm not working anymore....meaning this week ends tomorrow in the afternoon.

One thing that I've been thinking about lately is my friends. My two groups of friends.

Group number one
The ones that were with me in the past and all I have from them now is the reminder of why I don't want to be friends with them anymore. Veronica, Carmen...I suppose they're the most representative. I've discovered Roberto is a bad, bad combination of those two girls, when it comes to things that bother me in a person. In general, I'm trying to get away from my "friends" that are part of the pastoral group (Carmen, Roberto...Norman and I had already gotten away from each other -although I tried so hard to avoid that- and Denver...well, that's the logical step, I guess). I told Cel I wasn't exactly sure why, but that gang bothers me and makes me feel bad.

Elite. They've been brainwashed and God forbid Karla is not in her office, or they don't have a place to spend the recess at. They think they have the right to interrupt class just to give some stupid ribbons for the people that collaborated on some shit (hi, I got two), just because they're "Karla's team". Blah, blah, blah...I'll save the story (related to that) Cel told me this afternoon. But I hope one day they all regret...I don't know. I just hate that group..I mean, as a whole. Person by person...I have nothing against them. But as group, they bother me for some reason.

Group number two.
My friends. The friends I've been looking for my entire life. Cel, Art, Adri, Vic, Sophie, the Obese Girl...and some "attachments" to that group, such as Karen, Elsy, Pablo...et al. Where have you guys been?

You know? I love The Justice Friends.

Today I'm pretty much disappointed on Denver, but that's ok. I suppose. There are days when I don't give a flying fuck about him and there are days - like today - when I have my share of tears and I get to re-open my wounds, those wounds that smell like an unanswered abandonment.

Or something.

Tomorrow I have a math exam. The math teacher, for the first time EVER, was absent. We all were very confused as to what was really being examined tomorrow, every classroom had been told something different, none of the classrooms understood the subject. That's some kickass timing.

On the light side, the legend says I have two math periods on thursday. It's like a soccer match, the math match: 45 minutes of class, the 15 minutes recess and then 45 more minutes. So instead of that, we got psychology class. We love Geovanni. He's the best-est teacher ever, because it's like you and your best friend talking about teenage taboo stuff.

We finished watching Good Will Hunting, and we answered some questions about it, related to affectiveness, which is our current topic. I felt sorry for Will when he broke down. You know, when Sean goes "it's not your fault" and he cries. I supposed he must've felt helpless, he must've thought life is so fucking unfair. He was releasing all his pain and anger...I love to release my pain and anger, but I always wish I could release them on who gave them to me. I thought Will must've felt the same.

Getting emotional traumas from people that were supposed to watch over you, being hurt enough not to give it another shot, etc...that was my answer for a given question, but actually I was thinking more of myself (and the number one group of friends) than of Will.

Simeon: I'm sure he won't mind.


Type II: "present unreal".
Complete the following conditional sentences:

1. If I could drive... (*tricky structure*)
I would run you over.
2. If I had a car...
I would learn to drive and I would run you over.
3. If I were rich...
I would buy a car, I would learn to drive and I would run you over.

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