Inmensely rewarding and good for my economy.
Wednesday, 11.03.2010 - 8:52 pm.

So, good news! I finally submitted my article for the national psychology journal. Of course there's a chance it'll be rejected and I'll be crushed; or it'll be returned with observations and advice to try again in 6 months and I'll be frustrated; or it'll be accepted and I'll do a happy dance. Either way, I'm just happy to finally had it done.

I'm also excited because I'll start seeing a new patient on Friday. She has Parkinson's disease and is under Deep Brain Stimulation treatment. I'm so nervous because I've never treated a patient of this nature. I just called JC's cousin, who stood me up on monday, and I'm seeing him on friday, too. Friday will be a bit heavy but it should be both inmensely rewarding and good for my economy.

As I expected, Joe didn't call me to go to the movies. I was hoping but I wasn't that hopeful. The fantasizing helps me get through the day, and I'm thinking I cling so much to it to distract myself from the usual boredom and frustration. Maybe now that I'm getting more gigs, I'll be distracted by more substantial stuff.

Speaking of being frustrated, I finished watching 10 things I hate about you, the series. I insist, Patrick and Kat it's like Joseph and I...and I was bound to screw things up the same way. It doesn't affect me, though, it's kind of neat to relate to the story and the characters. What frustrates me is that the show was cancelled and the last episode...what the hell?

I'll stop here, to keep this short and sweet.

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