I suppose this is what I get for watching too much Dawson's Creek.
Thursday, 11.25.2010 - 10:25 pm.

This morning I was parking my car in front of my office, across the street, and I saw some people and a bus outside of Joe's office, a few houses away from mine. So, Joe is going on a field trip, huh?, I said to myself. I talk to myself a lot, in case this diary and it's 4,000+ entries haven't given you that impression.

I grabbed my stuff to get out of the car and thought about him. I was hoping I'd see him from afar, or maybe he wasn't there yet. I started to cross the street. Not a soul around me, except for...well, Joe, who was turning around the corner. We both kept walking and our paths crossed right outside the entrance of my office.

Small talk. His field trip to wherever. The concert at the park this Saturday, maybe we'll see each other there. I was about to ask him about his lady friend (*cough* fuck buddy) but that could have given myself away. He was wearing these odd sunglasses and didn't carry anything with him, a backpack or a messenger bag, nothing.

My boss was arriving so I had to end the conversation. I didn't want to, of course, but my boss has no legs and sometimes he needs help to set up his wheelchair when he comes out of the car. Don't let the "no legs" part fool you, he's quite the globetrotter.

I digress. I'm pretty much over Joe because I have to be, but every time I think I've had the hots for him since I saw him in 2003, we liked each other when we met in 2004 (I introduced him to The Godfather, he bought me a Ringo Starr vinyl record) and ever since I've run into him sporadically for six years, and how now we work seven to ten houses away from each other...I just want to pull my hair. Seriously? All that and nothing is bound to happen between us? What a rip-off.

God knows when we'll talk again. I could tell him to go grab a bite sometime but it takes him forever to reply to me and then he postpones it or whatever, and anyway asking him out would be very embarrassing because what I've done is enough to show him that I like him and he doesn't like me back. You get my tone of desperation in that long sentence, don't you?

So we ran into each other, such a happy coincidence, and had a two-minutes long chat in which I felt chemistry but he was just being friendly. We said goodbye beginning with my "I gotta go, my boss needs help"; the image faded to black and the intro song began playing. And can you believe that shit made my day?

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