Every wish comes with a price tag.
Sunday, 11.05.2010 - 12:54 pm.

Talk about wishes coming true, my prayers were answered! Somebody called me last night and said "let's go out, I'm with my cousin and we'll pick you up in 30 minutes". It was W, my former professor/mentor/colleague/friend. Completely unexpected. We're good friends, but his particularly overwhelming academical and professional schedule keep us from hanging out, and our interaction is reduced to discussing mostly my cases and other matters about our clinic.

It was about 9 pm. My dad, of course, got mad at me for going out "so late", especially when he asked where I was going and I said I didn't know. It was the truth, I didn't! He played the victim but I didn't play along and answered shortly and sweetly, avoiding the slightest defense for myself, because when I try to defend myself, he thinks I'm attacking him. It's pretty sad and irrational on his part, but since I didn't follow his lead, he cooled off and just told me, calmly, to not forget my keys in case he went to bed before I came back. Battle won.

So W, his cousin and I went to a pretty restaurant near my house. W was very good friends with Brother #3 in the university and he and his cousin are like in their middle 30s, so it was not the company I would have thought of. BUT...I felt very lucky to be there, surprised, and hey, honored, that W had thought of me to go out and have a drink (and by "drink" I mean coke and raspberry tea). I love talking to W on a personal level, leaving the academic stuff aside for once.

My former self would have passed on this opportunity, though, saying I was already cozy in my home and I didn't want to upset my dad. But it's what I'd been wishing for and as it turns out, getting my wishes granted has a price (I have a dad who scolds me for being pessimistic but tends to picture me in a late night car crash before I've even stepped out of my bedroom). I have to start paying the price because it's damn worth it.

Before that lovely evening, I had an interesting afternoon. I saw my Saturday patient and I'll be treating the case as shopping addiction. And then I headed to the Christmas party hosted by the animal shelter from where I adopted my dog . Which didn't turn out to be like I was hoping but I was still glad I went.

I went because a fellow blogger, Gero, invited me. He and I used to write in a collective blog and we've hung out a couple of times. He's rescued a few dogs himself and is a very gentle, smart guy. I wasn't going to go but when he asked me to I said, why not? And then the whole train of thought of my previous entry appeared.

At the event, I only knew the kind woman who followed through my case of adoption and a couple of girls who were psych students (both graduated now). But they were volunteers so I had no one to be with. I sat by myself until Gero showed up and we talked and had a good time in general.

JC showed up. We gave each other a quick hello; I think he was a bit freaked out, and as for me, he nearly ruined my evening. I considered the possibility of him showing up, because he's friends with one of the volunteers. But once he walked by, I promised myself I wouldn't let his presence bother me. Extra points because his girlfriend didn't come.

The evening was mostly about showing this year's work and the rescued and adopted dogs and cats. My Pichu was shown, too, I nearly cried. I'd sent a picture and below it they wrote a brief story and how now she lives with a "loving family". Aaaaww. I also bought a couple of stickers that read "I love my mutt".

JC sat down a few tables away, although I think he could see me from where he was. Part of me is hoping he noticed when Gero left, after dinner was served, and I had to be alone the rest of the evening. I figured he wouldn't come by and keep me company, which I frankly appreciated; I didn't want him to do it but if I know him a little, I'd say the thought crossed his mind. The slideshow showed a cat with a name that was one of our biggest in-jokes back in the day. I wonder if he felt the same sting as I did.

I bought the stickers before I left. I *think* he came to the stand as I was walking away from it, and I imagined he was making an attempt to run into me accidentally on purpose, but I don't even know if it was him. If this was one of those teenage dramas like the one I'm currently watching, he would have probably followed me to the parking lot where there was not a soul around and it was dark, and he would have told me he misses me and stuff, and we would have argued and cried and kiss and say goodbye. But I'm glad that, for this time, he remembered I don't want to speak to him.

Well...I just talked to CR on the phone. And to Lighthouse. After weeks of not seeing them, we're meeting up. Lighthouse mentioned the possibility of going to the beach and I said yes, but being, you know, me, I asked if we could be back at 6:30 (because I have to have dinner with my family, it's a family ritual and my siblings come). Man, I ruin everything. And I've been wanting to go to the beach so badly these days, with good company that I insist I don't have.

But I was talking about prices, right? I might as well throw all the rules out the window and head to the beach with the boys, then call my dad at dinnertime to apologize for being late.

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