The gentleman and the proletarian.
Saturday, 12.18.2010 - 6:25 pm.

A guy had never quite treated me like this before. He came to pick me up 10 minutes earlier than expected and got out of the car and rang my doorbell. He opened the car door for me. And all doors from then on. We went to the movies and he paid for everything. The conversation was ok. We didn't talk a lot but I felt we had chemistry.

And that was my very first date, ever. A date-date. I can't complain. It was very modest and simple, and yet something unusual for me, for what I'm used to with guys. 1, my first boyfriend, and I only saw each other at the university. Joseph...well, that, too, but when we moved on to going out, he was never in charge. I mean, I liked that we both shared the responsibility, anyway. He was less gentleman-ish altogether, although that's not to say he was careless. I just didn't have that whole First Date experience. Neither with JC.

But wait. Q and I also went out last night. We'd seen Eat, Pray, Love on Thursday night and we kind of got in the mood for Italian food. We knew a place owned by an Italian guy, with killer real Italian pizzas. He came to pick me up at 8, being a loser, was hungry and ate something before (I thought we weren't going to go) so it wasn't dinner for me.

He didn't take me there in the end. Oh, right, because he picked me up again. He took me to a very expensive Italian restaurant...the same restaurant I went to the day I graduated, a.k.a. The Day Joseph Dumped Me. He had spaghetti, like the one in the movie, and I just had some dessert and strawberry frozen.

This time we had more time to talk. It's kind of neat, this thing of getting to know someone who's as interested in you as you are in him. We have a lot of things in common when it comes to taste and we can talk about, say, the Large Hadron Collider and Velvet Revolver.

I suppose you could say he's a catch. He has this high-paying career, and a matching high-paying job. He wants to get a master's degree next year, big plus for my nerdy ways. I love that sometimes he makes studies in a Gesell dome (the room with one-way mirrors, for experiments and observation), although he didn't know that was its name. Also, he likes to eat fruit, he hits the gym on a daily basis, he's half-Brazilian and speaks Portuguese. I think his family is kind of wealthy, his parents are members of an exclusive beach club.

He has refined taste, and in comparison, I'm quite the proletarian. He enjoys walking around in this mall that I'm even embarrassed to walk into if I'm not dressed in a certain way. However, I think he and I are in this stage in which I can kind of mold him into what I want. I know it sounds evil, but I mean, it's interesting to think I have a few things to show him, and a few places to take him.

We're going out tonight, as well. I'm sort of taking advantage of the fact that my parents are abroad: I go out whenever I want without giving explanations to anyone. It just so happened that Q (I really need another name for him) stepped into my life the same week they left.

So anyway, we're going to see Joe and one of his many bands play, in a joint that's more my style than his. I think we're going in my car, I offered him so. My friend Victoria (who is incredibly ecstatic for me, as is her brother, the one who pretty much set us up) says I deserve a guy like this one, after all I've gone through, and that I should allow myself to be pampered. But it's so hard. I'm not used to people paying everything for me. It's great, it's wonderful indeed. But I feel guilty and I don't find it fair.

For now, I don't see anything getting in my way with him. I think the guy could have a burger or two and gain some weight, but he's alright, very smart and well-mannered. I feel very comfortable around him, since date one he feels like boyfriend material, and that's a huge relief. One, because seeing how interested he is in me, I don't know how I'd have gotten him off my back without breaking his heart. Two, because I was starting to think I was way too picky about guys. But no...I did know, all along, who to let go and who to hold on to.

In other news, I got laid off from work yesterday. Budget troubles, I was so sorry to see my boss so worried. As of Monday, Executive Assistant no more. I'm concerned about my future but I cannot stop smiling about this. I'm thankful for the chance at the foundation, for the people I met and the reality I discovered, but my job, considering my aspirations and my skills, made me feel mediocre. So I can happily say, I'm not married to this chicken shit job. And I'm free.

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