Quick Christmas update.
Friday, 12.24.2010 - 6:48 pm.

Hello from Houston! My family is downstairs getting ready for the Christmas dinner, while I'm resting after babysitting my toddler Nephew #3 the whole afternoon. He is a handful, I tell you. Adorable, smart, hilarious. He drains you quickly.

Yesterday I woke up early to finish packing, and because Q had left his house keys on my bed (what would Freud say?) and he was going to come pick them up before work. My cousin Mario drove me to the airport and the whole trip was a breeze. The airport was strangely empty. I bought chips and cookies while I waited to board the plane. I fell asleep for most of the flight listening to the White Stripes, with zero turbulence. The meal was great and my bags weren't searched for.

The tough part was being in the airport from 4:45 to 9:30 pm. I was done in Immigration by 5:45 and then I just did stuff to kill time, although at some point I got desperate to tears. Brother #1 and his wife and daughter arrived from Montana two hours later than expected but everything turned out ok. At 11 pm, we were home: the three of them, my parents, Brother #2 and his wife, my three nephews and myself. As I write this, my sister just got home from the airport. Brother #3 and his wife are in Spain. They are deeply missed, but I have a feeling their time alone will be good for them.

I'm so happy and lucky and grateful to be here, with my family.


Yesterday, I was sore from the night before. I think of Q constantly. The pain I was feeling was horrible when it happened, but the next day it was a reminder of that awesome moment in which he was, um, inside of me and we both enjoyed it. I'm familiar with the tension between two people who like each other but have yet to do anything about it; now, there's this tension between us when we have done everything but nothing has been verbally confirmed.

But I think he is serious. I was going to write him as soon as I got home last night but he'd beat me to it. We've sent a couple of e-mails to each other today, mostly about the holidays, but something between the lines tells me that us having sex meant a lot to him, despite the fact that it wasn't that physically satisfying.

I happen to wish he was here.

Anyway. Merry Christmas!

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