Riddle me this, Simeon....
Monday, 09/23/02 - 9:18 pm.

So thanks to Isidore, we're expecting 48 more hours of rain (cheers) and floods (jeers). In words of Dany: zooooo!!!. We're going to hell.

I hate Vic's girlfriend. Ok, no. I love her. But she took my sweater-with-a-hood...it's black, with pockets and zippers...it's the perfect article of clothing. It fits, it warms, it protects...$12 at Sam's Club, along with The Sims. I'll never forget that visit to Sam's.

So yeah, she took it. Because it was raining. Because we wear white shirts as uniforms. Because she has big boobs. Combine the three things and it's a catastrophe. So I couldn't say no. BUT I WANT IT BACK!!!


I had a terrible day. I love rainy days, but I had some kind of emotional lazyness. I was too lazy to feel anything, although I was tending to sadness. I saw him just once. ONCE in the entire day. But I already understood he never loved me. He never loved me, why should anyone...

(you know, people always ask me who's better: The Vines or The Hives).

Yeah, ok. He never did. And that's ok. I'm still getting him a present for his birthday (november 4th). I'll burn Elmopalooza! for him.

Seriously...wouldn't you like to date a girl that gives you a Sesame Street CD for your birthday?

And the CD contains I love trash, sung by Steven Tyler?

My dad's book was featured on the newspaper today. My dear friend Angel (in Canada) got it already, I sent it to him. I hope Mikey (in California) will get it soon. I wouldn't say it's a book that everyone can relate to, but still, is doing pretty good and my dad is very happy.

He's giving me a ride to school tomorrow. I'll avoid taking the bus because I'm taking some material that could get messed up if I took the bus. I made that up, I just happen to dislike taking the bus.

The good thing about my day was that I'm dumb and I studied something about math that I thought we had already seen but we really hadn't. We saw it today, and I felt very Jimmy Neutron. I understood, I knew what was next...I was explaining other people what to do and shit...I'm a fuckin' genius. Two people called me today to ask me about some exercises.

- But it's a Matrix glitch, Simeon. These things never last.
- Well, they'll last if you keep on studying the way you studied this weekend...you know, just to maintain the advantage.
- That's a brilliant advice.

But I won't.

Sometimes I feel I lack of a real experience on relationships. It's not like I'm one of those girls that go: OMG! OMG! He's soooo hot, I want him to be my bf!!!, but sometimes I do wish I had someone. Not because of having a "taken status" or something. I guess it's just part of my human condition (well, you know I HATE humans, but unfortunately, I was punished to become one for the time being....).

(*holds up a sign: Please, take us back home*)

I feel bad about it. It makes me wonder what's so wrong about me. Everybody always says I'm wonderful and shit....but Denver never loved me, The Guy never loved me...I truly loved them. And the only reason why I stopped loving them was because they never appreciated that.

Just what the fuck am I doing wrong?

So far, I haven't had the chance to handle a real relationship. So besides I feel emotionally empty, I'm unexperienced. And that's a bad thing to be.

Ssssshhhh!!!!!! Did you hear that.....?

.......my....heart just broke.

I'll go to bed. This must be the second or the third time in my life I cry just because I feel empty, because I do need to be appreciated by someone special to whom I am special.

Oh, yeah...I definitely go for The Hives.

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