Walking, walking, walking.
Sunday, 03.06.2011 - 11:37 pm.

Yesterday I had my first real class and it was a heavy schedule. All about research and methodology, eight hours of it with just lunch and coffee breaks. I made a new friend during lunch, who shall be named John. He's a funny, charming guy and kept me company. He also asked Jake to joined us for lunch. Yeah, I went "yay" in my head.

Out of the people I've met, John is the most interested in my country, and asked me a lot of questions. After lunch, he left Jake and me alone at the cafeteria. And after the afternoon classes, Jake and other two master's classmates/friends, Celeste and Diego, came with me to the mall to help me buy a cellphone. We walked from campus to the mall. We walked around the mall. Then we walked to my B&B and back to the mall. All that took us about three and a half hours. That's A LOT of walking.

Celeste and Diego parted ways with us at the B&B, they had other things to do. Jake and I went to have...not supper, here it's more like a snack that replaces supper. It was sort of like a date, he even paid for everything. But you know, it was a friendly thing, I believe, just showing some of the local infinite hospitality. He also came with me to find a place to wash my clothes and bought me a satirical newspaper (for my friend Virginia back home) and classifieds to find housing opportunities. Then he walked me home, at nearly 9:30 pm.

Today, John, his girlfriend, Celeste, Jake and I went hiking to the only attraction here, a mountain. A lot of walking was involved: starting at 9:30 am, we walked through the city to the mountain and then we did our hiking and sightseeing. Then we walked back through the city and visited the local market where we had lunch. We walked non-stop for nearly six hours. John and his girlfriend went back home afterwards, and Celeste and I went to Jake's department.

We rested for a while and then went apartment-hunting. You have no idea how amazing they have been with me in this regard...or in any other regard for that matter. From 4 to 8 pm, we walked around trying to find places for lease near the university. They made phone calls, talked to landlords, explored options...unbelievable, I'm so grateful for what they're doing for me.

We're down to two options, but we haven't heard back. Then there's a third option: Jake said I could move in with him while I find something else, so I can at least leave the B&B, which has become too small for me. It does sound appealing: he has a spare bedroom, I can afford the expenses (my scholarship isn't effective until I get my chilean ID, meh), the apartment is right across the street from the university, and he's become a friend that's helped me so much and whom I entirely trust.

On the other hand: it would be a little awkward for me because I kind of like him. But it's just my emergency option; it's hard to find a place right now, since classes at the university start this week and students are just moving in. Hopefully something else will come up. Above all, I'd be a little embarrassed to invade his space.

I still have a lot of walking to do: tomorrow Celeste will come with me to get my chilean ID and will visit with me the housing options. Also, I have a meeting at 9 am to discuss my PhD application. By my whereabouts yesterday and today, you may say I've forgotten I'm here to study, but I haven't. I just need to cover the basics of having a steady roof over my head, while I establish a proper social network and...yeah, I have fun, too. But hopefully by tuesday or wednesday I'll be able to start studying properly.

This may go without saying, but I am so grateful for being here with these wonderful people. This is the happiest I've ever been my whole life.

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