Moving in with a guy.
Tuesday, 03.08.2011 - 3:07 pm.

Yesterday was another day of walking and walking, but it was highly productive. It started out awfully cold (for my standards), around 10�C. I'm getting to know this weather and it changes radically as the day goes by. However, I did regret not wearing a scarf and long sleeves in the morning.

At around 9 am, I showed up in campus to receive a letter that said I'd been accepted to the PhD program (FUCK!) and a form to apply to the scholarship. I've talked to the professors because my current scholarship from the Agency for the master's degree may not allow me to apply to another one while I'm in this program. But I was told I should apply to the PhD anyway, and they would talk to the Agency within a few weeks. If they say no, I will withdraw from the PhD program and stick to the planned two-year master's degree. It's going to be so fucking painful if they say no, now that I'm very excited about staying longer and going all the way, but I'll take my chances.

After that, I spent the whole day with Celeste. We walked downtown to get my ID (I'll get it until the 17th), went for lunch and went apartment-hunting. Such cold day turned into hot by afternoon, reaching 26�C. Hell-ish, considering we walked all the time under the sun.

We ended that day's journey at the university, after seeing apartments. I'd always ask her if she would take what we'd just seen if she was me. She always replied no. So we finished the day pretty much empty-handed, but with the best option so far and a phone number for another option that never replied.

We went to visit Jake in his office, he works at the university. He was busy because it was the first day of class, but he took a break to hear about our day. In the end, he said, his offer remained: I could stay in his apartament. And Celeste said that if she was me, she'd take on the offer. So after some hesitation, I said yes.

I've hung out a lot with Jake lately, so it's safe to say that we're developing a nice friendship, and that he is a very nice, smart, fun and respectful guy. Physically, I don't think the name Jake is fitting anymore, now that I've seen him's more like Sad Keanu. But we shall still call him Jake. Anyway, you know what else? He reminds me of Joe a lot...I don't know, the way he is plus some physical features.

When he got out of work, we went to his apartament so he could give me a tour, although it's a small place and I already knew it. We talked a little about prices, space...but we didn't negotiate as I expected. He just opened the doors for me and said that was my house, too. It's unbelievably kind of him.

Then we went to the mall because he needed a vacuum. But to my surprise, our first stop was to make a copy of his apartament keys, which he handed to me. I'm moving in tomorrow. I'm moving some things tonight, I think. He'll come at 8 pm.

This is so weird, I'll be living with a guy! Nice weird. I kind of think of Joseph and how that girl that became his wife just went to live with him. I'm not implying anything, I just find it funny that now I'm in a similar situation. However, in my case, I'll be paying for my expenses and I'm not invading another woman's territory. Oh, yeah: and it isn't anyone's parents' house.

What also has me relieved is that he isn't doing this because he has to. I never mentioned the possibility of moving to his apartment, not even yesterday when Celeste and I were telling him about not finding a place. I never did in case he'd thought about it and decided he didn't want to give up his privacy and share his house anymore, which would be totally understandable. But he was the one who brought it up and insisted, while also insisted I'd only have to pay the extra costs (that I refuse, I want to pay half or at least a reasonable amount to help him out). In fact, he seems excited about this. I do feel welcomed.

So Jake and I walked around the mall last night and compared prices on household items. It's so strange, getting along so well with a man, (almost) living with him and talking about buying stuff for the house. It feels funny, like I'm being trained for marriage.

Also, next month he's getting a cat <3

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