Like a relationship, only without the relationship.
Saturday, 03.12.2011 - 10:17 am.

The day I moved out of the B&B was very stressful. That was on wednesday: I was worried about my PhD scholarship application, about a bed Celeste has lent me while I stay in Jake's apartment and how to move it, about the damn scholarship money that I have yet to see, and the fact that there was a misunderstanding between the B&B and the university regarding the payment for my stay.

But let's leave all that behind. That day I ran some errands, washed my clothes, put up with a stressful afternoon and in the evening, I was in my new home. Jake, John and Jake's coworker and downstairs neighbor were at the apartment waiting for me. The neighbor left but Jake, John and I had some kind of welcome-home dinner with hot dogs.

I unpacked quickly. Jake and I didn't talk much that night, each of us on their own computer, but he was a wonderful host from the start. And later, when I was in bed, I got a text message from him, in the adjacent bedroom, asking me if I needed more blankets and if I was comfortable. I thought that was sweet.

I woke up on thursday and Jake and I had breakfast, then he left for work. I had to go downtown to run a very important errand and I walked took me an hour and a half, for a five-minute thing. On my way home, I started to think of Joseph; I still have that awful habit of filling in my spare time with him, the painful things he did at the end of the relationship. I felt really bad.

BUT! I stopped by a home improvement store and I forgot about him. I wanted to help Jake with the furnishing of his apartment (he just moved in less than a month ago) and got him a trashcan for the bathroom, because we were in serious need of one. I found one that matched the shower curtains, teh lulz. I got another trashcan for my bedroom, a pillow, an organizer case and a vintage Mickey Mouse cup. Call it nesting instinct but I wanted to buy so many things...but first, I didn't have the money and second, it's Jake's apartment after all, even though he's been kind enough to call it ours.

He came back to the apartment to have lunch with me, and at night we caught up on The Big Bang Theory episodes. Have I mentioned he does most of the cooking? He made lunch and dinner, and the traditional evening snack. He makes me vanilla milk, too, and it's so good. Other than that, we split the chores, but so far chores is reduced to doing the dishes.

Yesterday I turned in my PhD scholarship application. I went to the university in the morning and I got wet, because it was raining. I spent the rest of the day at the apartment, working on an article I want to get published. Jake got stuck at work and couldn't come for lunch, and isn't it odd that I wanted to see him and I kind of missed him?

In the evening there was this classical music event after dinner. He got handsome, you know, he put his hair in a ponytail and wore a black coat and a scarf. I suppose I'm a sucker for winter clothes and I have none yet. Yesterday was the coldest day since I've been here, and it's still summer. Well, almost fall. I need to buy winter clothes, for real winter, not for the type of winter I've been used to my whole life.

It was drizzling and we took a cab downtown, but when we got to the university (not mine, there are many universities around here), it turned out he got the wrong date. That was funny and we considered it a chance to find other things to do.

I'm not used to being out in the sun at 8 pm, but I really dig it. We walked around the city and stopped by to get dinner for us and for a friend of his and her boyfriend, whom we were going to visit. His friend is a vet and I died of cuteness when we got to her clinic/house. She's a cat person and has the most beautiful ragdoll I've ever seen, and a gorgeous black cat. She also had spayed kittens to give away (offered to Jake and us), she always does. And a porcupine. And a turtle. And they are very nice people.

On our way back home, it was 8�C and I saw a dog curled under a bus stop, shivering. Fuck. I almost started to cry and thought of things to do about it, but it's not like we could pick the dog up and bring him to the apartment. Jake insisted we took a cab home because I didn't have proper winter clothes on (in summer!) and also tried to comfort me. There are lots of stray dogs in the city and I had already expressed my infinite sadness and despair about that.

When we came home at past 10, he made me vanilla milk again and we watched more TBBT and House. It's perhaps just me, perhaps I'm the only one who perceives sexual tension between us. I like him, I'm starting to like him a lot, but I just enjoy that. I don't wonder if he likes me, but...could be that I'm taking that for granted.

There's a bit of everything in him, from the most obvious intellectual, nerdy side to the tribal tattoo he hides on his upper arm. He has a bass guitar in the apartment, although he can't play it. And we can talk just about anything, we have many things in common, like rock music, Fight Club and other Palahniuk books (I'm reading his copy of Snuff) or -duh- psychology...heck, even Magic The Gathering. Thanks to Joseph, I know that fucking game, and it came in handy when Jake made a certain analogy.

And that's my life right now. I'm waiting for him to wake up so he can turn on the hot water, I'm still afraid to do it myself. Other than that, I can't complain, can I?

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