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Saturday, 05.21.2011 - 2:16 pm.

My two-month anniversary with Andrew was on wednesday, and we spent it at home because I got a cold, again, and it was raining. It's been really cold and cloudy and rainy this week. Such weather, and the possibility that my body was weak after the trip to see Paul McCartney (worth. every. second) drained me a little, I guess.

But Andrew, ever the resourceful guy, ordered sushi, popped a bottle of wine, turned on a soft light and put on some soft music. It was nice enough to say we did have a good celebration. More on this, later in the entry.

I was in debt with Nicolle, the girl that was waiting for me at the airport and showed me the way around the city and campus the day I arrived to Temuco, over two months ago. We'd talked a couple of times the following days, she was looking for places for me to stay (this week I learned she and her roommates even tried to squeeze me into their apartment, but there was no room) and asked me if I needed company to run some errands. But I hadn't seen her since and I felt very ungrateful. She was the first smile I saw when I got off the plane and welcomed me with open arms.

Not that I had forgotten about her. I just kept putting things off...it was either time or money. Finally, I ran out of excuses and contacted her this week. We had lunch on thursday at her apartment. I brought muffins and gave her some handicrafts from my country, as a token of my gratitude.

There were other four girls, I think all of them live there (hence there was no room for one more). They are in their 3rd year of psychology, if I'm not mistaken. One of them is an exchange student from Mexico and had made a traditional mexican recipe for lunch...the taste was closer to my own country's food, of course, so I was particularly delighted. This girl is leaving in august, and so is Nicolle and one of her roommates; then they'll be the exchange students.

They were all very warm and chatty. The mexican girl was telling me she was going to marry a chilean boy and was arranging her wedding. At first I thought it was a joke, because she was there for only a semester and is leaving in a few months, but apparently it's true. The other girls told me half-joking, half-seriously that it's like custommary that foreigners end up marrying a chilean person*.

* I saw an ad by the government of Chile with a similar situation...Andrew posted it on his FB wall and one of his close friends said, when she met me, "so she's the blonde". I'm not blonde, but the girl in the ad that marries the chilean boy is.

I told them about Andrew, they were all giggly about it. They were very friendly from the start, so by the time I told them about this they were rooting for me like old friends. I'm going to invite them for la once (some sort of light supper/heavy evening snack) next week, I'm quite happy to have made new friends. They're a few years younger than me and all cute and girly.

I saw them the next day, though. Tamara is the gal that coordinates the diabetes project my thesis is based on. She's a wonderful person, and one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen; her face is flawless and I love her taste in clothes. Anyway, she had a congress to attend this week and asked me to replace her and apply midterms to students in both her classes. Nicolle et al are in one of those classes, that's how come I saw them again.

I reluctantly carried out such task, on thursday afternoon and friday morning. There were a few minor glitches, especially on thursday, when the group wouldn't attend my request of shutting the hell up so we could start the test. I did better on friday and that class was even calling me "professor" when they wanted to ask a question ("profe", actually, which is a familiar yet respectful way to treat your teachers)...that was humbling, really, although I prefer being called by my name. Even though I felt really lazy and uncapable at first, once I was there, it didn't feel so bad, and it reminded me how much I enjoy academic, professor-ish stuff.

Last night, we had some of Andrew's best friends over. By now, most of them know he and I are dating so it's all good. We spent the evening eating, laughing and watching silly YouTube videos. One of Andrew's best friend's boyfriend cites the Trollscience "problem...?" line often. It cracks me up. Then there was a guy that looks like a tall Tom Cruise and we have the most interesting, intellectual conversations with him. He talks so fast but I enjoy it a lot.

When they left, past midnight, Andrew and I had a lot of bedroom time to make up for this week. I'll save the details for obvious reasons, but it's just so amazing and so much fun. At 26, I'm finally getting over a lot of constraints about sex (based on fear, mostly) and had never felt better about my body. I'm getting rid of the script I followed with past partners.

This brings a bit of guilt, though, in the sense that I'm really sorry Joseph never got to enjoy this, we never had this together. I know now about climax and spicing things up, and I'm not afraid of any of it. Although we had sex often, he and I never reached those levels of flexibility (you could say he did love me, if he endured four years of not reaching climax...either that, or he was getting it from somewhere else. I have no grounds for this suspicion, though, other than my lack of trust in him after everything he did, which left me wondering what else he must have done behind my back).

But anyway! I haven't updated much these weeks so I really haven't had the chance to talk about this, but I'm in love with Andrew. And I know he is in love with me. I always look forward to seeing him when he isn't around, and I'm happy to have him close when he is. He has a great sense of humor and we make each other laugh (that is fundamental to me). We are an awesome team on both housekeeping and academic work. We have similar aspirations for the future and we can talk when things go wrong to work it out. I'm so happy with him, I feel incredibly lucky to have found him.

Oh, and we finally bought a sofa. The apartment is looking better and better. We are planning on printing photographs of our loved ones or that we simply like (most taken by friends) and putting them on the walls. On tuesday night he picked me up from my Pilates class and we walked home in the dark. We walked by a place that sells whiteboards and ow we have a whiteboard-coffeetable and we doodle on it everyday.

Life is awesome, yo'.

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