Married with cats.
Wednesday, 06.08.2011 - 6:03 pm.

I hate that I'm becoming lazy with my diary. In my defense, I spend my days reading, writing, talking to people and days go by so fast. Just one more month and my first semester here is over...and there are only four semesters, you know. Damn.

But I can't say I've lost my time. Ok, so probably someone else in my place would have travelled hundreds of miles by now, while I usually spend my days at the apartment. I'm not quite the globetrotter, and yes, I suck. I go out, of course, but more as a citizen than as a tourist.

Partly because it's my nature, indoors and stuff. Partly because I'm really taking care of the scholarship money and thinking ahead. That thing I was saying about time going fast, well, my scholarship has an expiration date and by that date I certainly won't have a job to make up for my expenses.

Andrew is like me, he prefers to stay home, so between the two of us we have to make an effort to get out once in a while, other than going grocery shopping or house-stuff shopping (which we love, though, he goes crazy in those home improvement stores, it's so cute). We're still figuring out our combined finances but we have great communication and I don't foresee major tensions on that front. We're both careful on how we spend our money.

But anyway, we finally managed to schedule a getaway and on friday afternoon we're going to some thermal springs near the Andes. I'm so fucking excited! We'll be back on saturday but at least it's something to do together, outside the city.

Last week I had my master's classes and during those days I'm very much MIA. It didn't help that I had my never-ending cold and my period arrived, but I made it through. Classes all day long, lunch with friends at a friend's house...on friday night a Molotov bomb went off inside campus. I live across the street and yet my apartment isn't facing it, but Andrew and I noticed the red and white lightning and heard the explosion. University issues, there's a bunch of protests here and there.

One of those days, after Andrew and I came home from class, our cat ran to greet us. He held her and said he really wanted kids someday. On sunday afternoon, we went downtown for lunch and to visit his vet friend and the new ragdoll kitties she's brought from abroad (it was a beautiful day and we had fun). During lunch, I brought up the fact that I have to go back to my country in two years. We both have plans to keep studying abroad and he said "don't get scared, it's just a plan, but assuming we're still good by then, the scholarship I want to apply to also covers the student's spouse".

I totally see myself marrying this guy. He makes me so happy. We're like a marriage already, we function together so well and we want the same things. Above all, and as my friend Angel said to me recently, humor is fundamental in the relationship. Andrew and I laugh a lot together and he's very clever.

I'm deeply in love with him. It's going to be just three months of us together next week but we've gotten to know each other pretty well. He's a really nice guy, very smart, focused, hilarious, considerate. He's the type of guy you want to take to meet your family and proudly introduce him.

All my past partners had things that I liked and had a hard time letting go of. To name the most significant: like Joseph, he's a cat person -so very much-, is into those complex role-playing games, enjoys knives, really knows how to tell stories, has some street knowledge. Like JC, he's very clever and makes hilarious comments and pop culture references. Like Q, he's very focused on growing up in all aspects: personally, at work, at school.

Andrew has all that, and is also more independent. Oh, and a good cook. I am learning from him. I am also learning to be less self-centered (one of these days I did something in that regard and he pointed it out; never again, I tell you). I am learning to ask for his opinion in everything that concerns the both of us. So far, neither he or I have made a decision based solely on our own criteria, unless the other one says it's ok for the other to make the decision (I didn't choose the bed nor the sofa but I told him I trusted his's quite nice!).

We have agreed to maintain our relationship low-key. Not deny it anymore but we also won't be changing FB status or making PDAs in academic settings. By now, everybody knows or strongly suspects. A friend and classmate, Julie, invited me for lunch to this little restaurant in the oldest part of town and she also invited Andrew. Our classmates don't ask or talk about it, but I believe they know. A professor told Andrew jokingly that he'd heard he was improving foreign relations. Andrew said that if this professor knew, everybody else in the psych department did. I'm fine with it by now, I've proven myself: all professors agree I rock (and will continue to do so).

In other news, I've given up the idea of having a dog...there are so many in need here and it would be loved for sure, but I know a dog deserves more space and free access to a yard. I live on a 4th floor and every once in a while, the department will be left alone for hours.

Andrew's vet friend will take me to the municipal pound to see if there's a chance for me to help there but she already warned me it'll devastate me. She makes medicine and food donations from time to time but can't stand going there. In the meantime, I continue feeding and petting stray dogs when I can. I made one dog very happy yesteday when I fed him leftovers from my lunch with Julie. I tried to pick up a tiny one with a broken leg when we were downtown with Andrew but she ran away...we were on our way to the vet's and I would have taken her. Also, it's been raining and it breaks my heart to see dogs dripping when it's so cold. I saw one in particular, a beautuful black labrador, all wet and scared. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it.

Anyway. At least I can still give a home to another cat, and Andrew and I are looking for options because we want to adopt again. So for now, we are looking forward to it and to our trip. A TRIP, YAY!

I'm sorry, I have to say it again: life is awesome.

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