A trip, a birthday and another cat.
Thursday, 06.16.2011 - 9:54 am.

I've had all the intention to write this week about my weekend getaway with Andrew. I'll be short and quick (I hope), because my list of things to do never seems to get smaller.

So, in three paragraphs:

We hopped on a bus, travelled for hours, I was happy to see the south, stopped at a town in the middle of nowhere where we rode another bus. It was raining and foggy so I didn't see the Andes but the hotel and its hot springs were at the feet of the mountains so I was almost there.

We had an awesome evening, bathing under the rain and 5�C, while the pool was about 38�C, and a huge river ran a few feet away from the pool. We made a friend, an older woman who had been at the hotel for a week. We had a romantic dinner at the hotel restaurant, even more romantic because we were the only guests there (the woman walked in later with her daughter but they didn't join us). The night in the bedroom was even more awesome.

The next morning, we had breakfast and went into the pool again, but it was boiling. At noon, we took a cab that took us from the hotel in the middle of nowhere to the small town in the middle of nowhere, where we'd take the bus home. We had lunch, did some sightseeing, got brokenhearted with many stray dogs (it snows in that town, for God's sake!) and we fed them a bit, bought jelly and small crafts and we headed home at 3:30 pm.

I was so happy the whole time. I was finally getting out of the city with the man I love. Our bond got stronger, yes, and everything was a lot of fun. Andrew humors me, I guess, he helped me gather half of my lunch and a good portion of his to feed stray dogs around town while we waited for the bus; he played along when I started petting a big one, the most affectionate stray dog I've ever met...Andrew did some petting, too.

Back in the apartment, I started looking forward to this week. It was Andrew's birthday yesterday and we're planning a relatively big party on saturday. Relatively, as in, for his and my standards, since we're not quite the party people. But I'm excited to be a hostess, perhaps for the first time in my life, and having to plan stuff. He ended up inviting some 40+ of the most meaningful people he knows, but in the end some 20 will show up, tops. We hope so, anyway, because the apartment isn't that big.

Yesterday we didn't do a huge celebration, just small details. I got him donuts for breakfast and put a candle in one of them. I got him a box of orange-scented chocolate sticks to eat them through the day. For lunch, we had some private time and I surprised with something I'd bought for the occassion. In the evening, we ordered sushi and watched HIMYM episodes. Nothing big, as you can tell, but he seemed pretty happy. We agreed he'll choose his present; I'm not good at shopping for other people and surprises, and I'd rather make sure he gets something he really wants/needs.

Today we're adopting another cat, as I mentioned in my previous entry. He's a 3-month-old orange tabby and we will name him Nico. I could have gone for Durden or Narrator, to match our black cat Marla but meh. We're nervous about how they'll get along at first but yay, two cats!

In other news, I dreamed of Joseph's baby and wife. It was uncomfortable, I refused to see what the toddler looked like, and he was like trying to uncover my eyes. I saw his wife worried and I never saw him. I've felt weird this morning because of that, although the Joseph subject altogether does not cause me as much distress as it once did.

I was also a bit bitter because Art got together with the girl he overlapped me with. She travelled to the States to see him and had a good time, as far as I can tell by the few pictures. But that, and JC still together with his girlfriend, and Joseph with his wife, makes me a little bitter if I think about it for too long. I know, that's my flaw! I refuse to wish them ill, it's just the hurt in me taking over. They can be with whomever makes them happy...even if they stomped on me in the process...see, here I go.

But please don't think me bitter. It's just now that I start talking about this that I'm getting like that. Those things happened a long time ago and they're not on my mind everyday. Plus, I've had a great week, a great couple of months, really, and I couldn't be happier, mindful and grateful for my life.

Speaking of which, I have to take care of the laundry and several papers for my classes.

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