It was your regular party.
Tuesday, 21.06.2011 - 5:17 pm.

My first real party was on saturday night, Andrew's birthday party. It's unbelievable that 28 people were in this tiny apartment, but I think everyone had a good time. I did too, I tried to mingle a little, offering beverages and taking pictures, although mostly, I talked to one person at a time, away from big groups of people. It's my nature.

Every guest or group of guests that came in brought booze and/or food. Luckily, most of it was consumed. As the night progressed, people came and went and some started getting way happy. I thought the glass window of the balcony was going to get broken. It's cracked already, the guy that lived here before Andrew and I cracked it when he moved out; the landlady never gets it repaired. At the party there were people outside smoking and getting drunk, and some of them were pushing the glass. Almost at the same time, someone spilled wine on our whiteboard table. The next day, I also found a broken glass.

The party went on for too long for my taste, and for Andrew's taste, but I put on my best face and carried on. Neighbors were pounding to keep it down and there were threats to call the police. The thing is, there were like three other parties in the apartment buildings (there are four buildings) and we certainly weren't the loudest.

Andrew and I went to bed at 4 am, after making sure five people who were crashing here were asleep or falling asleep. One of his best friends, who came from Santiago, got hammered and passed out, while snuggling against an ex-girlfriend that also spent the night. They both slept in one bedroom with a third guy, and two other guys stayed in the living room.

It took me a while to fall asleep, and I got to hear the bed in the next room creaking and creaking and creaking and dear Lord, somebody is getting it on with somebody else. I'm guessing it was the ex-girlfriend with the third guy but whatever. Andrew's best friend took off and walked home at 5 am, elegantly hungover.

If you ask me, it was a little wild, but perhaps just for my standards, and for Andrew's, who begged me not to let him throw a party like this ever again. I had a lot of fun, actually, I'd do it again. But he was stressed at some point, so many people, so much alcohol, so many near-accidents, and the threat of the police showing up. But that sounds like a regular party, doesn't it?

The next day we said goodbye to his friends, and one of them apologized for behaving too well and not breaking anything. He meant it. Whatever. Andrew and I cleaned up a bit, but like I said, there wasn't as much chaos as I expected.

That evening, sunday evening, he got very moody for unknown reasons, unknown even to him (I believe he was annoyed by some master's assignment). After asking him if it had to do with me and hearing it didn't, I let him be. He wasn't taking it out on me, anyway, he was just very distant and I didn't take it personally. I thought that if I knew him well, though, he'd apologize the next day for being so cranky.

On monday morning, he was pretty affectionate when he woke up and he kind of brought the topic during lunch, about how he couldn't figure out why exactly he was so annoyed. And that was it. Even though I was a bit annoyed myself by his mood, it wasn't a big deal and I thought that'd be the end of it.

In the evening, instead of entering the apartment using his keys, he knocked on the door. When I opened, he was standing on one side and all I could see was his arm holding a bunch of beautiful lillies in front of me. Such a lovely man! I'd never been surprised like that. He didn't have to do that, but I appreciated it so much.

We are in the process of getting our cat Marla to get used to the new addition to our little family. Nico is more or less three months old and is undergoing treatment for parasites in his tummy, so we're keeping him in a separate room for now. Marla isn't happy but we've been reading about how to introduce a new cat and it's a matter of time. Nico is the cutest thing, he got quickly attached to us.

And now I gotta run for my pilates class, as every tuesday evening. And at night, it's Saint Seiya with Andrew. I'm constantly reminded of Blackie and my own childhood, we're watching The Lost Canvas, and he just finished downloading the original series. Our nights are the best, Andrew's the best.

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