Allow me to catch up briefly.
Tuesday, 07.19.2011 - 3:55 pm.

I've been terrible at updating, I know. Time goes by and I fall into rutine. I'm behind on many blog and webcomic entries I'd like to post. I think it all comes down to the fact that I need to manage my time more effectively, seriously.

Let's see, a little update:

Andrew and I had our 4th month-anniversary yesterday. It went by unnoticed except for a "oh, it's 4 months today!" on my part and a kiss afterwards. I don't mind, it nearly slipped my mind too. But that's not to say we're doing badly, we're doing...ok: see, we're a bit jaded by the rutine, I think. We barely make it through paying bills and groceries and cat stuff so we keep our fun to a minimum and we stay home most of the time (except a week ago, when we had a nice trip to a bookstore/coffeeshop, that was lovely). But it's all for the sake of our trip to Uruguay in september, though.

We'll be there for a week, and the psych congress we'll be attending will be three days long. Then I'm looking forward to seeing Aerosmith in October* and having Nephew #3 visit me in November if he passes 9th grade. Argh, he'd better. That month I'll attend a national psych congress and if he comes, we'll go see Pearl Jam.

*I'm almost done reading Steven Tyler's biography. An entry about that must be written soon.

So see, there's even more spending in the horizon, which is why I'm trying to save right now and that means staying home. It's silly, though, my money isn't invested on luxuries. Andrew and I have even stopped buying stuff to decorate and improve the house. Everything goes to bills and food and I have the minus of my plane ticket to Uruguay; Andrew's is covered by his research project. But if I'm spending part of my money on seeing the world, I'm not going to complain about that.

Other than that, I'm doing awesome. We're in the middle of winter, and it's been raining for days, windy and chilly. My heart breaks for the stray dogs but I'm giving up on finding a concrete way to help them (I've contacted associations but what's needed is people who can adopt and also sending irresponsible peeople into space), other than buying small packets of dog food and feed any dog I come across.

The sun is finally coming out this afternoon. And I have pilates in a few hours. My first semester here has ended though I still have one more project to send to one of my professors. I'm also taking a course on Trauma, Torture and Interculturality. I'm blown away and very happy with everything I'm learning. The only assignment for that class is a 3-page essay and I'm doing it on torture in prisons and other types of violence tolerated by states and societies (inspired by a quote by Nietzche we reviewed in class, "beware that when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster").

And I gotta go back to that essay and my pending report. I must return to my habit of writing in here more often, though. I miss it.

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