Speak up. Live. Plan.
Tuesday, 08.16.2011 - 5:35 pm.

Many things upset me, things I don't want to bring into this diary because I consider this my safe place to discuss things, personal things, good or bad, that are mostly under my control.

Just let it be known some things, social and political, upset me. I know I'm no wise woman but I've read my share on certain topics and I have enough knowledge to point at some things that can be improved, and I can give arguments, facts and not opinions, to prove it. I have avoided keeping quiet lately, sometimes speaking up works, sometimes it doesn't. But I have to do it, I don't want to be an indifferent bystander.

On lighter news, Andrew and I are watching Game of Thrones. So awesome. I'm on vacation, waiting for the second semester to start in September, but I'm starting to feel a little useless and I have the urge to do something useful. A job, of course, but the scholarship doesn't allow me to. I'm still a volunteer for the clown doctors (some sort of Patch Adams movement) but I rarely have meetings with them. I have volunteered for other activities but still no word back. And I'm worried about my thesis and diabetes project, we're behind scheduled and nothing is moving. I'm sure that when that gets back on track I'll be very busy.

Andrew and I went for a walk on sunday, and we had a beautiful stray dog play and walk with us the whole time. It broke my heart to leave him at the gate of my building an hour later, and his eyes as he saw me walk away destroyed me and had me in silent tears for a while. I would love to give him a home and I can't...for starters, financial issues and cats aside, he could barely fit in the bathroom. I still try to do my part, feeding and petting dogs when I can (a temporary, useless relief in the long run, I know), donating food and money to associations for stray dogs and cats, and encouraging people whenever I can to adopt and spaying and neutering their pets.

And that's it. Living happily, in love, writing, fighting thoughts about you-know-who and succeeding, keeping in touch with friends and family. Worrying about where I'll go in the future. And thinking of changing this layout, it's been too long. In a couple of weeks, it'll be the...10th anniversary of this diary! HOLY SHIT!

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