Not sure if this is a blog, but yeah, Happy 3108 Day.
Wednesday,08.31.2011 - 8:17 pm.

I wasn't very committed to writing this month, but I figured I owed at least one more entry before the month came to an end.

I was very social this month, Andrew and I attended a party every weekend. We're not "party people", but it was birthday parties, or farewell parties (Andrew's former coworker and friend and two-stories down neighbor left to study in Spain), or having friends over. We were invited to a BBQ, he had a friend over to play (online games, LOL), or we had friends for coffee.

I'm also tutoring my boss/friend Tamara, who will take the GRE and needed some help, so she comes over twice a week. She's paying me, yay! Not a lot, but it's good enough for me. The scholarship does not allow me to formally have a job, this is like a gig on the side, that allows me to be of some help thus using my time more productively.

Things with Andrew are running smoothly, I never quite envisioned being again in a relationship in which I felt so in love and someone was so in love with me. Also, I realized we'll celebrate our 6th month anniversary in Uruguay, on the last day of the psych congress we're attending in the middle of September. It'll be wonderful.

My second semester starts tomorrow. I'm nervous but very excited.

You know what else tomorrow? THIS DIARY TURNS 10 YEARS OLD!!! Unbelievable!

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