Hello, october, we meet again.
Wednesday, 10.05.2011 - 11:20 pm.

I dislike letting so many days go by without writing, and yet that keeps happening. In my defense, I've had a hectic couple of weeks: I've started gathering data for my thesis (5 people done, only 395 to go...) and I have five classes to deal with.

Regardless, I love october, and I'm experiencing it in a different latitude this year...that is, it's spring! Still acting like winter, though.

I didn't have a good start this month, because as you may or may not remember, october is the month in which Joseph's now wife showed up at his doorstep to move in with him, causing him to dump me on my graduation day. Three years ago that was, and yet the first day of this month, I was in class hurting a lot after that thought in between awesome lectures about psychopaths.

Can't complain, though. The anniversary of my graduating and him dumping me will be overwritten by my 7-month anniversary with Andrew, a man whom I love more than I could haver ever imagined after all that happened. I don't want it to sound too idyllic, because we do have our conflicts, but it's a wonderful, fulfilling relationship.

There's the possibility of me traveling back to my country for Christmas and New Year's Eve. I have yet to discuss it with the Master's director and ask the scholarship agency for permission to leave Chile. There are pros and cons to my traveling in december and not in february as originally planned, but I will discuss that in the next entry (if I remember).

I have to go to bed now. I have classes from 9 am to 7 pm three days in a row starting tomorrow. I shall overcome!

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