This puppy was bound to happen, it seems.
Monday, 11.07.2011 - 7:26 pm.

Andrew and I are going out tonight, it's a dinner to celebrate Psychologist Day in Chile. It was a bit expensive but I didn't hesitate: I get to meet people, have a nice meal delicious (they didn't have vegetarian menu, though, I'll see what I can do) and I don't know, have fun? You bet!

Andrew is traveling to Santiago tomorrow afternoon to attend and present at the psych congress. He returns on sunday morning. This is the first time we'll be apart for almost a week. I'm kind of looking forward to it, just to taste what it really feels like living alone. But I'll miss him horribly and I'll have to make an effort to fill in the time I'm used to spending with him.

The real news today is that I found a puppy that nearly got ran over in the street by the building I live in. She's very small and how could I leave her? I was going to take the bus to go to Pilates but I saw her running across the street and she ran into me, as she was following anyone that went by. I'd seen her from my windown earlier, she was happily yapping at the children that were being dropped off at a daycare nearby.

So it's been a hectic day, this apartment isn't very dog-friendly. She's done her thing on her carpet a few times and I've had to lock her in the kitchen while I go out, I went out to buy her food and I went out to run some academic-wise errands. We live on the 4th floor, so it's a drag going up and down so she can train her bladder. But we also had a nice time when I took her to the open, green spaces that surround the building. I was reading, hoping she'd go explore, but she nested in my crossed legs.

She's a sweetheart, she must not be over two months. My cat Marla has been nice to her, and while Nico hisses when they get too close to each other, he hasn't attacked her either. Andrew wasn't that surprised when I told him I had a puppy in the apartment, "it was bound to happen someday", considering my animalism.

I'm looking for a home for her. I haven't even named her. I just can't think of a name that I like, it's not that I'm scared of bonding too much and then not wanting to let her go. I'm very aware that she'd be miserable in a 4th floor apartment, especially with us coming and going and leaving her locked up for periods during the day. I have what it takes to own a dog, except for a proper space.

For the time being, I've managed to get her to wait for me to carry her down the four floors so she can do her things in the grass. We're making progress, I'm happy to report.

Last and maybe least, I had a dream with Joseph again. I had a dream with a lot of people, really, including Jack White, and it turned out to be a dissapointment. It was my fault, I asked him for his address but couldn't ask for a picture with him? What the hell.

Anyway, Joseph and I were having a drink at a bar, reuniting after years. I started a "remember when..." and felt sorry that I didn't know or even remotely think there was a birth control shot, to have a second form of contraception and be less stressed about getting pregnant. I think I was laughing, I don't remember his reaction. I just remember he started talking about his baby, and how it seemed he had two because a friend would drop his/her own baby for playdates. I started to feel very hurt and uncomfortable while hearing about his son. And that's it.

So there are aspects that I still can't handle about him, emotionally. I think at this stage I'm well over the fact that he dumped me for someone else and married her. The kid thing, not so much, it seems. Ah, well, tough luck.

Anyway, looking forward to: dinner tonight! And to find a puppy a good home (and get her neutered!)! And miss Andrew but also live entirely independently for a week.

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