A trip, a plea and a home waiting for me.
Saturday, 12.17.2011 - 10:58 am.

Alright, in 12 hours I'll be on my way to the bus station. In 24 hours I'll be in Santiago, waiting for my flight to Panama. And in 36 hours, I'll be landing home. It sounds so long and too much to go through, so I'm breaking it down in small goals (make it to the airport; not miss the flight, etc.).

My inmediate goal is to spend my day with Andrew. It's been a hectic week with few opportunities to have some quality time together. Yesterday we had class the whole day and at night he had a Lord of The Rings marathon with a Tolkienian group he's joined. He was in charge of the screening and it was supposed to last about 14 hours. So we didn't spend the night together, my last night here before my trip. We were both sad and wished things had been different, but oh, well. It was some time alone for me, which I always appreciate.

I'm ready to go home, I'm excited. My book will be released on monday night and I have some people that will attend, while others are just waiting for me to meet up sometime. It's nice. Above all, I can't wait to give out all the loot I'm bringing with me.

One of these nights, about the book, a guy I barely talk to and haven't in a couple of years to sent me a message asking me what it was about. I told him and he wished me success. That was it. But I couldn't shake the feeling that it was Joseph talking to me. This guy is a friend of his, they play Magic together and stuff. Me, I was his instructor in the university. The way he called me when he contacted me, the random interest...I re-read the message until I got the feeling he speaks like Joseph because Joseph's language has a way of catching on with everyone around him.

Other than that, I have been the best ever on this J subject. I was on a Scott Weiland type of mood last night (I had an awesome dream with him the night before) and normally, I would have gotten all nostalgic and longing, since at times Joseph was a slight SW look-allike. But all his lyrics and videos about love and lust brought me back to Andrew. He's the one I'm sticking around with, and whatever happened before, it's done. I don't want to hear from Joseph ever again (I mean, I may, I will talk about him from time to time, but this is my general sentiment...I hope to never run into him or see him in pictures or anything).

My bags are packed for the most part. Andrew will come from his LOTR marathon at noon and we'll spend the rest of the day together. He gets a little sad but mostly tells me he's happy I'll see my family and knows I'll have a good time, so he encourages me to endure this long trip, 'cause it will be worth it. Such a nice guy, always by my side. I told him to enjoy his temporary singledom and indeed, he's downloading games.

Speaking of nice guys, my long-time friend Angel and his awesome wife welcomed their baby girl into the world a few days ago. I cried, I felt so happy, I laughed at how they handled the delivery. It's so unreal. We've been friends since we were 8 years old and now he's a father. If there's a peer I look up to, that's an inspiration to me on how to live a happy, responsible and playful grown-up life it's him. I wish this wonderful little family all the joy in the world.

Do me a huge, huge favor: go sign this petition to ask my university to stop experimenting with animals and share it with others that may help. The pictures there are the ones Andrew, other friends and I took a couple of weeks ago. I did research since then (starting on the scientific papers based on those animals) and wrote a respectful, argumented plea for them to consider finding other methods. Andrew and a friend/classmate with the same concern have been backing me up. But they work at the university so they can't sign until there's a good number of supporters. Please, be a supporter?

And with this note, I write my last entry from Chile this year. I'll write from home for sure, but I can't tell when. I hope I'll make it home safely and with my loot complete.

Be well.

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