[no title today, because I can't think of anything entertaining to describe this entry]
Sunday, 09/29/02 - 5:13 pm.

So if you have newborn bitch tits...come on, woman! Go for it!. That was the preamble to a breast surgery on TV. They filmed everything, and I witnessed everything...the doctor's hand was under the skin, touching the girl's breast muscle and glandles. I couldn't stand watching the doctor inserting the silicon inside of her. I was about to cry, and I held them and told them I loved them the way they were, and promised them I'd never do such thing to them.

I don't know why, but breast implants make me want to cry.

Last night I watched A Hard Day's Night with Alan. I was hoping we'd get McDonald's for dinner or something, but he said we should finish the leftovers. I was in the kitchen fixing my own dinner when he walked through and opened the door to the garage.

- Him: I think I'll go get some dessert...what kind of ice cream would you like?
- Voice: Yay, ice cream!
- Other voice: ice cream?!?! It's fucking cold tonight!
- Me: *smiling* Whatever you want to get it's fine by me.

He brought some kind of Sundaes with a lot of toppings. And we watched The Beatles' movie after dinner. We laughed a lot.

There's only one month of high school to go. Graduation is on november 23rd. Meanwhile, I have to interview someone, and I have to make an in-depth research on pollution and turn in an extended report on both. Both are due in two weeks and I haven't done anything. Yes, this is getting exciting.

I really have nothing to say today. I mean...it's sunday. Nothing has happened. Eh.

From Harmonica Lessons DOT com:
The reason you won't find Aerosmith tabs is probably because the licks Steven Tyler uses can be found on this site and in about every Blues Harmonica book on this planet. Mr. Tyler, though an incredible song writer, is not known for his innovative Harmonica. It's all pretty basic stuff. That's not to say it's not good, it's well done. Learn a few of the licks on the Blues Improv page and see if you can pick them out in his playing?

Why, thanks. I've been trying to find harmonica tabs. I can't play the harmonica, just the basic basics. I went to Harmonica lessons dot com but everything was in tongues to me. So I'm trying to figure it all out by myself. Needless to say, I suck. I was expecting to learn to play like Steven Tyler (fuck, ever heard Stop Messin' Around?) in two days. But then again, I'm not mr. Tyler.

Tomorrow it's my math exam. I'm pretty optimistic, because I understand and actually can solve problems. 3X + 2Y - 34 = 0. Because I say so. Tomorrow is the release of Disney's Magic Artist Cartoon Maker. Also, tomorrow it's my dad's 66th birthday (and to think I am 17...).

I have to go study again. Fun times. The weather is not helping, I want to sleep.

Simeon says I should stop using these animals -as he calls those images, emoticons-, because they remind me of Denver. Yes, they do. I was once browsing the site while I was talking to him on the MSN messenger. I was sending him the ones I liked the most. He'd go this one's cool, this is funny and shit. At a certain points, he goes: Hey, this one's really cute...I really like it...just like you.


Dammit. Through the entire weekend, I'd been doing just fine.

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