Small frustrations like tonight's aside, it's all good.
Friday, 02.08.2013 - 10:25 pm.

Just a quick note to say it's all good in my home country. Andrew has been welcomed by my family and friends with arms wide open. My parents are very pleased and my dad was joking around just minutes after meeting him. It was so unlike what I expected as a first meeting, and of course, nothing like when I brought Joseph home the first time.

We've been running around. We have at least one meal per day with my parents and go places and meet with friends of mine, though most of them are available only after 5 pm. Still, we are busy all day long and end up exhausted and feeling like staying home (at the apartment we're renting from my aunt). We've had one out-of-town trip and we have some more scheduled for the upcoming days. We have a nice rented car, for which I'm thankful, but I HATE driving a car that's not mine and automatic.

I did cry tonight, because my good friend Victor kept me waiting for confirmation since last night, about a plan we'd made. He cancelled on me an hour before going out. I was dying to go out with him (and Andrew and Victor's girlfriend) to see a musician friend play jazz at this wonderful restaurant-cafe. He cancelled because he was tired. I totally understood but I was upset too, I could have found someone else to go with if he'd let me know sooner. He did apologize, saying he should have postponed our meeting in the first place. I just said I undestood, not the someone else part. He meant well.

And I cried because I was frustrated. I really, really wanted to go, and I had the chance to see some people at the same time. Like in the old days, when I'd go out to nice places and meet with people, see talented musicians play while I drank coffee and ate fries and whatever. I lost that chance tonight and instead Andrew and I stayed home with a lame internet connection. I didn't drive myself because I wasn't familiar with the place's location (it's in another town) and I feel overly responsible for that car I'm driving. Andrew enjoys staying in, as I normally would. But most of his family and friends live in the same country as he does, so it's easier for him to pass a chance like tonight. Me, I was in tears. I really was heartbroken.

That aside, this trip has been great. And we still have a week to go. Hopefully I'll make up for tonight. It just hurts that I won't have another chance to attend a jazz concert while I'm here. I could go to a jazz concert where I live in Chile, even with the friends I've made there. It is not the fucking same, not even close.

Oh, and my mom's cancer is gone!!!

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