Stuck with a job offer and a newborn cat to nurse.
Monday, 03.11.2013 - 11:05 pm.

I spend my days in hiding. I don't know if I'm a tourist or illegal and my debit card may be blocked from my one trip outside, to the mall, because I forgot my pin number.

Wait, I also went out on saturday. Andrew, two friends who are a couple and I made a trip to some hot springs and it was great. I've also gone out to bring home a newborn kitten that I'll be nursing until she can be adopted. The security cameras show a stupid pregnant lady and her stupid teenage daughter dropped the newborns outside our friend Karin's vet clinic/house. They dropped the kittens at 11 pm on a cold and rainy night, they were found the next day. One had died. The kittens were undernourished and flea-ridden. The umbilical chord still attached. How horrible for the poor cat mom to have her newborn babies be taken away from her.

I'm enjoying looking after this kitty, I named her Lucille Three (Arrested Development anyone?). She's adorable. Andrew seems more motivated now than he was with the puppies. He's always very supportive but I think he enjoys feeding her more than he enjoyed the two puppies I raised back in november. Understandably. It's less work. I notice the difference, too.

So my days go by between reading, writing (a little), exercising (frustrating, but that's another entry), cooking and looking after a newborn cat. I eagerly wait for Andrew and we watch TV series and talk and cuddle. Today I talked endlessly with my friend Virginia back home, because we're in the minority that loves HBO's Girls and we dissect every little thing that happens on the show and we relate to a lot of the emotional turmoil.

The biggest news though is that I may get a job. Andrew helped me contact an old friend of his that works in a project for indigenous students in the university and I have to present a proposal for a workshop. I'm not into workshops at all, but it's my ticket to that place, hopefully. Or, in the very least, it's a check for a very specific activity. The project seemed really cool and I'd like the chance to know an indigenous culture. So I'm crossing my fingers and reading a lot, trying to come up with ideas. I know the usual subjects for a workshop and they bore me. I find them inane, actually.

I'm so scared of my trip to Santiago in april to validate my university degree. I need my ID to do that and my ID has expired, so I don't think they'll accept my validation request (and then I can't get a job). I can't get a new ID until I have my residence. And I don't even know if my residence application was received. They're supposed to send me a confirmation in the mail and they haven't. I will call the regional immigration office one of these days but its hands are pretty much tied.

Time to feed Lucille Three. It is amazing how small she is and yet she is strong enough to climb up my entire arm.

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