So long(?), vertigo!
Monday, 05.13.2013 - 8:27 am.

I spoke too soon in my last entry. The vertigo attacked me hours later and pushed me to the bed. I didn't get up properly until sunday night to go to ER. Throughout this week I saw three doctors, plus I talked to my two doctor brothers. It was an ear thing, luckily, and by now it's going away. Andrew didn't leave me alone for one second (I mean, he went to work everyday but he contacted the doctors and came with me to every consult and bought me every pill prescribed).

I mourned the fact that I couldn't function. But today I'm back to work, finally. And my surroundings aren't spinning before my eyes anymore. And I have a new job, too. I made it downtown last wednesday for a meeting. I'm working three jobs now. All three of them are desgined for people who already have a part- or full-time job. Flexibility is awesome (thank God for it while you're sick). I do worry about the finances, I think it's still not enough to cover my average monthly budget: bills, supermarket, cats, transportation. But it's my best bet this year, while I resolve immigration stuff.

I'm getting to work now.

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