Eight events in bullets.
Sunday, 07.14.2013 - 10:03 am.

Hello! Look:

1. I got a new computer. The other one was deteriorating fast and I can't afford being without a computer, I need it to work. My bank account suffered a fatal injury though Andrew insisted on helping. He did help me choose a good model, it was a bit more expensive than what I was originally willing to shell out but it supposedly won't deteriorate as soon. Also, he's taking care of other household expenses. Aside from the financial scare, I'm quite pleased with this and hoping it doesn't contain any mineral conflicts.

2. I GOT MY PERMANENT RESIDENCE PERMIT!!! I still have some paperwork to do to get my ID but it's a fact I'm legal in this country, for five years until I have to renew the certificate. I haven't told anybody in my family, I wanted to have all my papers in order first. But also, I think I've been putting it off because it may be bittersweet to my parents. They'll be glad, no doubt about it, and they have plenty of experience having their children living abroad. But still. Hey, it's bittersweet to me, as much as I wouldn't want things to go any other way.

3. Speaking of my parents, I got scared one day when they sent an e-mail saying they'd changed home phone number due to some people "pulling pranks". In my country, one usually changes home phone number if someone is stalking you to extort you. I called home and my dad said someone called just once, saying he was a relative and gave out some details that made him believe it was true. But then that person got weird with requests and my dad hung up. He inmediately changed the number and that's a good thing. I'll call them tonight and see if something else has happened. I hope not.

4. Speaking of family: I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW!!! Well, he or she is on her way, though Nephew #3 (5 years old) insists is a he. And says he should be named like him and like his dad, my brother, so the three of them will be called the same. Or, they can call the baby "Chip". My nephew is pretty awesome.

Anyway. Yesterday I got an emotional e-mail from Brother #2. He addressed the whole family (my parents and siblings), telling us that he and his wife had been trying over the years and had had two miscarriages, one while my mom had cancer, so they didn't say anything. They hoped and tried, then after the miscarriages they stopped hoping and trying, but my little nephew didn't stop praying. So now he thanks Jesus for the brother or sister on the way. I'm not religious but I'm a strong believer and of course, I give my thank-yous too. This is great.

5. AND speaking of family, Andrew and I are starting to plan the trip to see my family in february. We're thinking of going to my home country to see my parents, or maybe to the States to visit (and for Andrew, to meet) Brother #1 and maybe #2, though by then the latter will be crazy because that's when the baby is due. I'd love to go the States, mostly because some of my happiest memories come from visiting my family there. We have a lot to plan and think about.

6. Speaking of trips: Andrew took a bus at midnight and he's in the airport right now, waiting for his flight to Brasil. He's going to a congress and he'll be away the whole week. I miss him horribly, although I also appreciate being alone.

7. Speaking of Andrew: he and I picked up a stray cat this week. Well, he's not stray but he'd been homeless for about a month, since his family moved out and left him behind. It's heartbreaking. We found him roaming our building, a white cat with a thick coat. A white cat with the personality of a sweet dog. He ran to us as soon as we called him and let me pick him up, and purred in my arms as I carried him up four floors to our apartment.

We got him neutered, vaccinated, checked for diseases and bathed (he had a black oily spot on his head). He's home and we're slowly introducing him to our cats, Marla and Nico. Nico has been somewhat friendly but Marla turns all savage and she's the reason we haven't let this cat out of a room, or we take him out in the carrier.

We debated whether to keep him. He's gorgeous. Marla is all black, he is all white so that added coolness to the possibiliyy. He is very affectionate and when we've touched him the wrong way, he grabs our hands but keeps his nails in. You can tell he's lived with people, maybe was even raised among them.

But ultimately, we decided to find him a home. Andrew and I want to study abroad so in a few years we may be going very far (Canada, UK, a country we haven't even considered) and what madness it will be moving out and traveling with cats. They're family and we're not leaving them behind but two is a lot already, three is excessive and obviously more expensive.It's also heartbreaking but I think that's the responsible thing to do. Although we got quickly attached to him and we sincerely don't want to give him up for adoption.

8. JC won a scholarship and went to the United States this week. I debated whether to ask him about it but Facebook took care of informing me that he was saying his goodbyes. And I found out I didn't care much for him. It did surprise me to see that one of the people in the pictures was his ex-girlfriend, the one he was involved with for years before me and then after me. They were smiling, she had a beer in her hand and had her arm around JC. I heard she broke up with him in the "after", when she found out he had something to do with me. But I suppose that's not the whole story nor the only reason.

It surprised me, I guess, because he happened to strike me as a charming motherfucker who makes amends with everybody. He made amends with me, and apparently he made amends with her. He is one of those guys that mean well, he broke hearts out of stupidity and no ill-intentions, which is why I let go of what he did. Though the memories of what happened still have some emotions attached. Not enough so I can get back on speaking terms with him and see what a great guy he is, but enough to stop caring that much for him. I suppose I'll end up dropping him a congratulatory line, anyway, for old time's sake.

This is long enough. This is what I get for not writing more often.

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