Happy 12th birthday, diary!
Sunday, 09.01.2013 - 6:45 pm.

Happy birthday, dear diary!!!

Last night, after posting my last entry, I remembered the date. Twelve years ago, I started this diary pretty much for teh lulz, not realizing how important it would become. I was all about Aerosmith, and Simeon, and existentialism and weeping for a guy that'd felt me up.

This diary has seen me at my best and at my worst, it contains my whole life since I was 16. My 16 year-old self would be in awe at all that's happened throughout these years and where I am (we are?) today.

I'm thankful for this little place of mine and the wonderful people I've met here and whose worlds I get to enter. Some are long gone, dissapeared without a trace. Others continue writing often and inspire me to do so (although I tend to fail), and with a select few we've gone on interacting beyond reading each other's journals. It's been great and it will continue to be.

To add to this cheerfulness, I got over my feelings last night. Today I went to recycle electronic devices (yay!) and spent the day with Andrew at his grandfather's house. Andrew made a delicious lunch for us and now he's in bed next to me. It's all good, and we're back to spending quality time together.

Here's to twelve more years ('til I'm 39!) and beyond! Cheers!

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