A lot of traveling on the horizon.
Saturday, 09.14.2013 - 8:43 pm.

Things are hectic around here, I don't know where to begin. The most inmediate thing, I guess: I was looking forward to having this whole week to stay home with Andrew. It's Independence Day on the 18th but the country took the whole week off, will you look at that.

But all three of the caretakers of Andrew's grandfather, two nieces and Andrew's mom, will be in their own hometown for the holiday. So Andrew will have to spend the week at his grandfather taking care of him. Aside from the discomfort of not being able to spend a lot of time together, I'm ok with that. Family's family.

Andrew's grandfather is a lovely 95-year-old man and he can't take care of himself though he is very functional and easygoing. I see he's in a better mood when Andrew is around than when his three female relatives are. More than a gendered thing, it's the kind of things they may talk about and sometimes certain attitudes. There isn't much to do around the house but the grandfather is pretty cool, especially when he tells stories. Today he was talking about september 11th, 1973, the aftermath and that nasty Pinochet.

So I'll go everyday to visit Andrew and his grandfather. Andrew's brother is coming on the 18th, I'm crossing my fingers he'll stay here at least until the weekend so Andrew can be home at least a few days.

We went to the cemetery today, to visit Andrew's grandmother. It was a bit heartbreaking seeing the grandfather from afar, sitting on another tomb, talking to her. It was the first time he was able to visit her, due to the weather. Spring is coming so today was perfect, sunny and not so cold. The taxi driver waited for us outside the cemetery and when the grandfather got in, he said "these kids decided not to leave me here".

Now, my sister is coming in two weeks. I twitch in excitement. That weekend though Andrew flies to the southernmost city of Chile for a week, to apply surveys in an university that's taking part in our research project. The day after he returns, I fly to the northernmost city of Chile to do the same, for a week also. We'll be two weeks apart. And then we'll be home for a week and THEN we both go to the southernmost city again for a week, to participate in a psych congress.

I've spent some time freaking out about all this, but you know, not as much as I would have expected. If I see it in a single paragraph, it's a lot and I don't want to go through it. Not this week with him at his grandfather's, not his week away, certainly not my week away, not our week away. I'm trying to see how exciting all of this is, and also, I try to take it one day at a time.

So the best thing I can do right now is think how to make the most of this week, even with Andrew living on the other side of town (which is a 10-minute drive, heh). And so on. I'm the most excited about having my sister here soon and that's as far as I'll think about for now.

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