Preparing classes, raising a kitty, writing and drawing.
Friday, 01.31.2014 - 10:50 pm.

I've spent this week obsessing over my classes. Thankfully that obsession has paid off and I'm halfway done with the program. I've dreamed of listing the contents and fitting them into the academic calendar for the semester. And that has not killed my excitement over being a professor so I guess I'm on the right track.

Also, I've been busy raising the kitten Andrew and I rescued a few weeks ago. We brought him from the vet clinic, with his shots and neutered. We had a couple of days of adjustment. He was very shy and would run and hide but now he's just the sweetest, laziest, most playful thing. I'm crossing my fingers that one of Andrew's coworkers will adopt him.

Tomorrow Andrew and I start our month of forced unemployment. Perhaps that's redundant because rarely one chooses to be unemployed but I mean, we do work at the university. We're just not under a formal contract so we don't get any benefits besides the actual salary. February is summer break but we don't get paid vacation.

I've been saving though and we're ready. I save while Andrew pays off his students loans. Have I mentioned how much I love talking finances with him? We review our situations as individuals and as a couple and we make budgets and plans. It's really great having a partner that is financially responsible and cares for these things.

Anyway, this is a short entry, kind of to say goodbye to January. I have failed a little at writing as much as I want BUT I am doing it, and having february off will help. I write in my paper journal and for my Simeon blog I've taken a 30-day (well, 28-day) drawing challenge. It is a challenge, I can't draw shit and I'm nervous about it. It's part of the fun, I guess, getting out the comfort zone.

Also in february, I must: keep up with some tasks from the two research projects I work in; continue preparing my classes; make a cover for my dad's new book; plan the wedding (which breaks down in a million little tasks, ugh).

See you in february!

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