Halfway through my non-restful vacations.
Wednesday, 02.19.2014 - 3:41 pm.

Where has February gone? I've tried to keep a balance this month, between working on stuff and enjoying this vacation/unemployment month as I should have in the first place.

I've done great, actually: I have drawn a picture each day, kind of kept my written journal (nine days went by without writing in it, but still) and finished the transcription of videos for one of my jobs, thank the Lord for that. However, I'm behind on preparing my classes (in spite of working on it nearly everyday) and I have barely started reading my dad's book, for which I have to design the cover.

I would say I still have this and next week for those things, but next week Andrew and I are going to a couple of southern cities with a friend for three days. With that, I feel like I've lost most of the week. What about my drawing a day? My blogs? My classes?! I'm still halfway through the course. I can only try to seize the day, I guess, and make as much progress as I can before we leave.

Speaking of leaving: we're going to Santiago on friday night. We're taking the TOEFL test on saturday morning, a few hours after we get off the bus. And we take a bus back home at 6 pm that day, to be home at 2 am on sunday. I could be horrified by this hectic schedule but I just go and say "it is what it is, man".

Lastly, the wedding planning. We still don't have a date, since we don't have a venue, but we've made a lot of progress and I'm pleased with it. These past days Andrew and I have run errands and we've been productive on most tasks we've set: rings, dress, venues, photography, cake (yay, cake!). Hopefully, november 15th. I do worry that it will end up being lame for the guests, since it is a day event, and people want open bar and dance and there will be none of that. But honestly, Andrew and I would rather have a quiet evening at home, especially after getting married.

Oh, oh! He and I opened a bank account to buy a house in the future. Look at me, being a fancy-ass grown-up. And we've chosen a few canadian universities for our PhD studies. That's why we're taking the TOEFL, we'll be applying for a scholarship. We make a wonderful team, he and I. I love him to death.

So this is my progress so far! It sounds all over the place and panick-y because that's how I am right now. And I panicked even more when I realized 12 days had passed since my last update here. I have been writing in other places but I should be more disciplined with this one journal. This one is like my autobiography written in real time. I should take more pride in that, even if my life is boring.

See you around!

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