Celebrations and demanding jobs.
Sunday, 03.23.2014 - 10:53 am.

Thank you everyone for your congratulations! I'm getting the hang of teaching more and more everyday. I've made a few mistakes but luckily nothing that the students noticed or that compromises their academic process. I'm learning a lot myself and it's kind of fun.

It does take up a lot of time though. I've restructured my schedules, in a nutshell, which may not sound like a lot but I'm very fond of my routines. I'm used to working under pressure, but not under a pressure that never goes away.

But it turns out I'm taking better care of myself because of it. I pay attention to my body and take breaks, I put everything aside for a while even if it's somewhat urgent. I live in fear of getting vertigo again (like those two weeks of hell that put my life on pause, about a year ago) and often when I'm stressed I begin to feel my head...not quite spinning, more like trembling; my frontal lobes physically trembling, it's so weird. And so I drop everything and rest for a while. Also, I value my weekends even more, even though I also dedicate part of them to work.

More things to celebrate this week: it was our third anniversary with Andrew! And on that same day, we got confirmation from the venue we chose for our wedding: November 15th, 2014. I feel relieved and now we can start planning properly. It's more expensive than we expected but seriously: whatever. It's a beautiful place and yeah, ok, we will be hosting a rather important event. Andrew loved the place too so we agreed to make an effort and invest on it.

My parents are thinking of coming, which would be the hugest deal of all. Brother #1 and #2 were the first to say they'd be coming. And a few days ago, an aunt and uncle (my mom's sister and brother) also said they might be coming. No one has confirmed but I'm excited. I'm nervous because it would be difficult to tend to so many visitors at once, while we're juggling the last wedding details and our everyday jobs, but we could make it work.

Andrew is leaving today for a week. We began a new phase in the research project we're part of, and our boss once again is sending us to other cities to apply surveys to university students. As it happened a few months ago (In October, if I recall correctly), Andrew's going to the sourthernmost city for a week. He returns next saturday and the day after, I'm going to the northernmost city for a week as well. I've tried to take it lightly this time, since by now I'm familiar with the work I'm supposed to do. I'll just carry on, do my best and wait patiently for these two weeks to be over.

There were other things I wanted to talk about but I gotta keep it short, if I want to get my to-do-list for today crossed. I'm trying to catch up on all my blogs. My reading and writing are the first to suffer as soon as I get busy. See you around!

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